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The Report on Lengthy Litigation

By Ral315, 30 June, 2008

This week, the Arbitration Committee briefly announced the result of a privately-decided case involving Orangemarlin; amid some criticism, the case was blanked by the Arbitration Committee, and a public case has been filed instead (see related story).

The Arbitration Committee also announced a series of proposals relating to arbitration and other community matters; none of these have yet been acted on (see related story).

Apart from those announcements, the Arbitration Committee opened one case last week, and closed one case, leaving three cases currently open.

Closed case

  • Homeopathy: A dispute involving a number of editors over the Homeopathy article. As a result of the case, DanaUllman was banned for one year, and another remedy allows uninvolved administrators to impose strict sanctions on editors involved in Homeopathy-related articles, for various reasons.

New case

  • Yorkshirian: A case involving perceived incivility from Yorkshirian; Yorkshirian has not yet presented evidence in the case. The case is currently in the evidence phase.

Evidence phase

Voting phase

  • Giovanni33: A case involving the accusation of sockpuppetry by Giovanni33. The Committee has named at least fifteen accounts as likely sockpuppets of Giovanni33. Remedies with the support of four arbitrators would ban Giovanni33 and his proxy accounts for one year, and, at the expiration of the ban, allow the Committee to vote on whether to reban him for an additional year, with the same process to occur ad infinitum unless the ban is not renewed.

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