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The Wikipedia Signpost

Features and admins

By OhanaUnited, 21 July, 2008


No users were granted admin status via the Requests for Adminship process this week.


Ten bots or bot tasks were approved to begin operating this week: RockfangBot (task request), OverlordQBot (task request), DinoBot2 (task request), Milk's Favorite Bot II (task request), WilhelmBot (task request), Vini 17bot5 (task request), Chris G Bot 3 (task request), Amirobot (task request), MystBot (task request), and PseudoBot (task request).

Featured pages

Eight articles were promoted to featured status this week: Greater Manchester (nom), Forksville Covered Bridge (nom), Roman–Persian Wars (nom), Sunderland Echo (nom), Geography and ecology of the Everglades (nom), History of the National Hockey League (1917–1942) (nom), New York State Route 308 (nom), and Pulmonary contusion (nom).

Twelve lists were promoted to featured status this week: NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award (nom), List of submissions for the 77th Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film (nom), List of songs in Guitar Hero: Aerosmith (nom), NBA Most Improved Player Award (nom), List of tallest buildings in Indianapolis (nom), List of Ottawa Senators players (nom), List of numbered highways in Maryland (nom), The Mars Volta discography (nom), Lost (season 4) (nom), NBA Rookie of the Year Award (nom), NBA Sixth Man of the Year Award (nom), and Mark Lanegan discography (nom).

No topics were promoted to featured status this week.

No portals were promoted to featured status this week.

The following featured articles were displayed this week on the Main Page as Today's featured article: FairTax, The Quatermass Experiment, Guitar Hero (video game), Puerto Ricans in World War II, Thomas Playford IV, Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Jay Chou.

Former featured pages

Two articles were delisted this week: Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (nom) and Trigonometric functions (nom).

No lists were delisted this week.

No topics were delisted this week.

Featured media

The following featured pictures were displayed this week on the Main Page as picture of the day: Beer Street and Gin Lane, Mark Twain, Japanese Squirrel, Hurrcaine Felix (2007), Postman Butterfly, Tacoma Narrows Bridge, and Welding.

Two sounds were featured this week: Inaugural address of John F. Kennedy (nom) and After-dinner speech by Arthur Sullivan at the Little Menlo, London (nom).

No featured pictures were demoted this week.

Nine pictures were promoted to featured status this week and are shown below.

Also this week:

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