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The Report on Lengthy Litigation

By Ral315 and David Mestel, 18 August, 2008

The Arbitration Committee closed one case this week, leaving three currently open. A motion also passed on a previous case.

Closed case

  • Geogre-William M. Connolley: A case involving wheel warring between Geogre and William M. Connolley. William M. Connolley inappropriately extended a block on Giano II, while Geogre inappropriately reversed the block, and reversed page protection on Giano's talk page. As a result of the case, both administrators were prohibited from taking any administrative action with respect to Giano II.


  • A motion was accepted in the Privatemusings case, which was originally closed in December 2007. Remedy 2, which restricted Privatemusings from editing articles related to biographies of living persons, was removed; in its place, Privatemusings was put under the mentorship of Lar, Jayvdb and Durova. If no issues arise, the mentorship would lapse after 90 days (on November 15, 2008).

Evidence phase

  • C68-FM-SV: A case involving disputes between Cla68, FeloniousMonk, SlimVirgin, JzG, and others. The case, which has seen little-to-no public input from arbitrators, was subject to a motion to dismiss, which has since been withdrawn.
  • SlimVirgin-Lar: A case brought by Thatcher, asking the committee to review the use of checkuser by Lar, in the light of comments by SlimVirgin (here, inter alia), alleging that he misused the tool. Evidence is to be submitted privately to the committee by e-mail, and voting will presumably occur privately as well.

Also this week:

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