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The Wikipedia Signpost

From the editor

By Ral315, 18 August 2008

As you've no doubt noticed, the Signpost has been lagging behind schedule this summer, often publishing as late as Friday or Saturday. This is due to a combination of my schedule, which has been very busy lately, and that of our writers, many of whom have had real-life concerns as well.

At the present, someone interested in writing the "In the news" report would be useful; Enochlau has been tied up with real-life concerns and hasn't been able to contribute over the last month. More important, though, I'd like someone interested in filing stories on various stories that come up during the week — for example, reporting on Wikimania, board meetings, article drives, or really anything that you think is worth covering. If anyone's interested, please contact me on my talk page.

I'm hopeful that my schedule should allow me to publish much earlier starting next week or the following week.

Thanks for reading the Signpost.


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