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The Report on Lengthy Litigation

By David Mestel, 8 September, 2008

The Arbitration Committee opened two cases over the last fortnight, leaving five currently open.

New cases

  • Piotrus 2: A second case involving alleged edit warring and other misconduct by Piotrus and other editors. Piotrus denies the allegations against him, and suggests that the case may be a deliberate attempt to drive him from the site.
  • Sarah Palin protection wheel war: A case involving wheel warring on the Sarah Palin article, over a dispute as to the merits of page protection being applied in respect of it.

Evidence phase

  • SlimVirgin-Lar: A case brought by Thatcher, asking the committee to review the use of checkuser by Lar, in the light of comments by SlimVirgin (here, inter alia), alleging that he misused the tool. Evidence is to be submitted privately to the committee by e-mail, and voting will presumably occur privately as well.

Voting phase

  • C68-FM-SV: A case involving disputes between Cla68, FeloniousMonk, SlimVirgin, JzG, and others. Newyorkbrad has proposed a lengthy decision, most of which has the support of four arbitrators, which sets out a number of principles and findings of fact, and instructs the parties to review and abide by them, giving a number of prohibited courses of conduct by way of example.

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