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Four Board resolutions, including financials, approved

By Ral315, 10 November 2008

This week, four resolutions were approved and published by the Board of Trustees, including a resolution approving the Foundation's audited financial statements for 2007-2008.

Financial statements approved

The most notable resolution is the unanimous approval of financial statements from Fiscal Year 2007-2008, which ended on June 30. These statements have not yet been released, and no public notice has been given as to when they will be released.

This year, the financial statements were audited by KPMG, a well-known financial services firm considered one of the so-called "Big Four auditors"; in previous years, the Foundation used a St. Petersburg-based firm, Gregory, Sharer and Stuart, as their auditor.

Other resolutions

Another resolution approved the Executive Director, Deputy Director, and Chief Financial and Operating Officer as authorized traders and signers on brokerage accounts for the Wikimedia Foundation. The Foundation's brokerage accounts handle any stock donations received; generally, the policy is to immediately sell stock received, in order to lock in the stock's current value.

Two more resolutions formally approved Wikimedia Norway and Wikimedia Hungary as official chapters of the Foundation. Along with October resolutions approving Wikimedia Indonesia and Wikimedia Brasil, the Foundation now has 21 approved chapters.

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