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The Wikipedia Signpost

Bugs, Repairs, and Internal Operational News

By ais523, 17 November 2008

This is a summary of recent technology and site configuration changes that affect the English Wikipedia. Note that not all changes described here are necessarily live as of press time; the English Wikipedia is currently running version 1.30.0-wmf.14 (e993fed), and changes to the software with a version number higher than that will not yet be active. Configuration changes and changes to interface messages, however, become active immediately.

Fixed bugs

  • CategoryTree no longer produces duplicate links for users without JavaScript enabled. (r43492, bug 15971)
  • The Image: namespace is now called File:. (r43639, bug 44)
  • The API now correctly indicates rate limits for users with higher limits for certain actions; for instance, rollbackers now see the number of rollbacks they can make in a minute as if they were rollbackers, rather than as if they were anons. (r43678, bug 12760)

New features

  • The JS-enhanced watchlist and recent changes now have the same layout. (r43672, bug 11728)
  • The API now indicates whether blocked users can edit their own talk page, on a query about blocks. (r43676, bug 16367)

Ongoing news

  • Internationalisation has been continuing as normal; help is always appreciated! See mw:Localisation statistics for how complete the translations of languages you know are, and post any updates to bugzilla or use Betawiki.

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