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Two open cases

Open cases


This case, brought by Mark Arsten, was opened over a dispute about transgenderism topics that began off-wiki. The evidence phase was scheduled to close March 7, 2013, with a proposed decision due to be posted by March 29.

Tea Party movement

This case was brought to the Committee by KillerChihuahua, who alleges the discussion over this American political group has degenerated into incivility. Evidence for the case was due by March 20, 2013, and a decision is scheduled for April 3, 2013.

Other requests and committee action

  • Amendment request: Rich Farmbrough: An amendment request was made by Rich Farmbrough to amend a motion in an arbitration case involving automated edits. While the request was still in progress, the requester was blocked for one year after an arbitration enforcement request.
  • Request for amendment: GoodDay: An amendment request was made by GoodDay to lift an editing restriction related to diacritics.
  • The arbitration committee had previously issued a call for applications for three vacancies for non-arbitrator members to the subcommittee, to be submitted before April 1, 2013. However, during a discussion on the noticeboard talk page, a statement from the foundation's legal team indicated that "...we require an RFA or RFA-identical process for access to deleted revisions." Several followup questions regarding various election processes, as well as the role of administrators and non-administrators in arbitration roles were posed to the foundation, and are awaiting a response.
  • Procedural issues at WP:Arbitration Enforcement: A request for clarification has been brought by Gatoclass regarding whether an administrator can "act in a request" involving 1RR restrictions, whether an administrator can act when an editor has not received a formal warning, whether an administrator can adjudicate in an appeal if they adjudicated in the decision that lead to the appeal, and whether an administrator can issue a warning before consensus on a request has been reached.
  • Monty Hall problem: An amendment request has been made to the committee by Martin Hogbin for amendment of the remedies, including removal of discretionary sanctions.
  • Clarification request: Climate change: A clarification request of the climate change case was filed by NewsAndEventsGuy, who requests clarification of who can post arbitration enforcement notices to talk pages and add to the notifications, blocks, bans, and sanctions log.
  • Clarification request: Discretionary sanctions appeals procedure: A request to clarify the appeal process for discretionary sanctions warnings was filed by Sandstein
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