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A statue of Lady Justice holding scales on the roof of Old Crown Court, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England. An editor has started an RfC about the definition of "consensus of the community".

This is mostly a list of Non-article page requests for comment believed to be active on 31 July 2013 linked from subpages of Wikipedia:RfC, and recent watchlist notices and SiteNotices. The latter two are in bold. Items that are new to this report are in italics even if they are not new discussions. If an item can be listed under more than one category it is usually listed once only in this report. Clarifications and corrections are appreciated; please leave them in this article's comment box at the bottom of the page.

Style and naming

Policies and guidelines

WikiProjects and collaborations

Technical issues and templates


  • All proposal RfCs are duplicated in other sections of this report

English Wikipedia notable requests for permissions

(This section will include active RfAs, RfBs, CU/OS appointment requests, and Arbcom elections)

  • None active as of the time of this writing


Upcoming online meetings