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Wikidata, a Wikimedia project spearheaded by Wikimedia Deutschland, recently celebrated its third anniversary. The project has a dual purpose: 1. Streamline data housekeeping within Wikipedia. 2. Serve as a data source for re-users on the web; in particular, Wikidata is the designated successor to Google's Freebase, designed to deliver data for the Google Knowledge Graph.
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Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's Institute for Artificial Intelligence provided half the funding for the initial development of Wikidata
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Google contributed a quarter of the initial funding for the development of Wikidata, which is now replacing Freebase as one of the sources for the Google Knowledge Graph
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Microsoft's Bing search engine has followed much the same path as Google with its "Snapshot" feature drawing on Wikimedia content
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Denny Vrandečić, the co-founder of the Semantic MediaWiki project, has to juggle three hats: he is a Google employee as well as a community-elected Wikimedia Foundation board member and the primary Wikidata thought leader
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Citations to Wikipedia (blue) outnumber all other sources (red) together (yellow = unreferenced)
The circular reference loop connecting Wikidata and Wikipedia
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Jerusalem—one of the most contested places on earth
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Errors can always be fixed
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... to rule them all

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