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Dr. James Heilman.jpg
Ex-WMF board member James Heilman
Discovery Year 0-1-2.pdf
A slide show on Discovery, published last November
Wikimedia Foundation Sue Gardner Sept 2010.jpg
Sue Gardner, the former Wikimedia Foundation Executive Director
Discovery Year 0-1-2 page 9.pdf
A search engine for open content on the Internet, accessing a mix of Wikimedia content and content from other sources, with output vectors including OEM products such as the Amazon Kindle
Discovery Year 0-1-2 page 18.pdf remodelled
Kindle Paperwhite WiFi.jpg
The Amazon Kindle includes a factory-installed Wikipedia look-up function
Google 2015 logo.svg
Google includes content from open sources on its search engine results pages
One long-tailed hamster generating free knowledge.jpg
Lila Tretikov 16 April 2014 (2).jpg
Lila Tretikov, the Wikimedia Foundation's Executive Director

Andreas Kolbe has been a Wikipedia contributor since 2006. He is a member of the Signpost's editorial board. The views expressed in this editorial are his alone and do not reflect any official opinions of this publication. Responses and critical commentary are invited in the comments section.