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In 2010, the Race and intelligence case opened, lasting from 7 June to 24 August. Now, for the second time in six years, the Committee has amended the case. In an 11–0 vote with one abstention, the amendment rescinded a previous amendment made in 2013, which was to have Mathsci indefinitely banned from the English Wikipedia. As explained in the motion: "the unban has been granted on the condition that Mathsci continue to refrain from making any edit about, and from editing any page relating to the race and intelligence topic area, broadly construed. This is to be enforced as a standard topic ban."

Along with the editing restrictions, the two-way interaction bans with The Devil's Advocate, Cla68, and Ferahgo the Assassin are in force indefinitely. (The Committee banned The Devil's Advocate and Cla68 from Wikipedia earlier this year in relation to separate incidents.)

A case involving inter alia one of the Signpost's two editors-in-chief, Gamaliel, was accepted last week; the evidence phase has now begun, and a proposed decision will be posted 16 May. The case concerns various matters related to BLP and the Gamergate controversy.

In brief
As of now, the Extended confirmed usergroup is used for the GamerGate controversy article and its talk page, the Brianna Wu article, selected articles pertaining to Indian castes and their talk pages, and any page that could be reasonably construed as being related to the Arab–Israeli conflict.
  • Kharkiv07 appointed to full clerk: On 14 April, the committee announced that Kharkiv07 had been appointed as a full clerk. They are one of nine currently active editors who are arbitration clerks.