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Administrator desysoped; How to deal with crosswiki issues; Mister Wiki case likely: Arbitration matters from October and November.

Administrator desysoped

Following a case that closed on 16 October 2017, Arthur Rubin was desysopped "for repeatedly not meeting the community expectations and responsibilities of administrators as outlined in WP:ADMINACCT". Specific incidents included removing permissions from a user during an ANI discussion – which reversed another admin's administrative action without prior notification or discussion – and failing to provide evidence for claims made against another user.

Current requests

  • Crosswiki issues request: Request opened 31 October 2017 by Fram, other involved party Ymblanter – motion for discussion closed 22 November probably looking at an RfC about "whether and how information from Wikidata should be used on English Wikipedia"
  • Mister Wiki case: Request opened 21 November 2017 by TonyBallioni; other involved parties Salvidrim! and Soetermans – vote reached 6/0/0 on 23 November and very likely to result in a case

Declined requests

  • Zoyetu request: Request opened 16 October 2017 by Zoyetu – declined <0/4/0/3>, opener topic banned on 7 November
  • Joefromrandb request: Request opened 20 October 2017 by TomStar81 – declined <3/7/2>
  • Conduct at Reference Desks request: Request opened 30 October 2017 by Robert McClenon – declined <0/9/0>
  • List of unofficial users of Iranian rial request: Request opened 31 October 2017 by John N Smith – unanimously declined
  • Nathan B. Forrest request: Request opened 6 November 2017 by Azarbarzin – declined <0/8/0>
  • List of European islands by population – Island of Ireland countries editing dispute: Request opened 9 November 2017 by PompeyTheGreat – declined <0/7/0>

In brief