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Wars, sieges, disasters and everything black possible: Exemplary content recognized between January 12 and January 20, 2018
SMS Zähringen 01.jpg
SMS Zähringen engaging in wartime maneuvers, by Fritz Stoltenberg

This Signpost "Featured content" report covers material promoted from January 12 through January 20, 2018. Text may be adapted from the respective articles and lists; see their page histories for attribution.

Featured articles

26 featured articles were promoted.

Aberfan spoil heaps pre disaster.jpg
Aerial photograph of the spoil tips above Aberfan before the disaster
Aberfan spoil heaps post disaster.tif
After the disaster
Glosters front badge circa 1957 trspt.png
Cap badge of the Gloucestershire Regiment
A Finnish Maxim M-32 machine gun nest during the Winter War.jpg
A machine gun crew during the Winter War
Tadarida brasiliensis outflight Hristov Carlsbad Caverns.jpg
S.M. Linienschiff Zähringen.jpg
Delos Museum Mosaik Dionysos 05.jpg
Harry R. Truman of Mount St. Helens

Featured lists

Nine featured lists.

Featured pictures

Five featured pictures were promoted.