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Knowledge under fire: Can Wikipedians help save the world's knowledge and shine a light on current events?

Wikipedia digitally preserving artifacts lost in National Museum of Brazil fire

Photograph of the same building smoldering under a massive blaze, the black smoke filling the night sky
The National Museum consumed by fire in 2018

Mental Floss reported this month on Wikipedia's effort to "digitally preserve" some of the priceless items destroyed in the recent National Museum of Brazil fire. The effort began with a tweet by the Wikipedia Twitter account encouraging people to do this.

Hundreds of files have already been uploaded and the collection can be browsed here. The article also encouraged people to upload more images and add descriptions to existing ones. — P

Read more about the effort to preserve the contents of the National Museum of Brazil at this month's Wikimedia blog report.

United States Congress

Separate photographs of Dianne Feinstein on the left and Brett Kavanaugh on the right, both in formal attire at the Senate hearings, their names and positions overlayed across each photograph

Members of, and goings on in, the United States Congress were heavily in the media this month, particularly over the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Orrin Hatch, Mike Lee, and Lindsey Graham had personal information posted on their Wikipedia pages. Also during the hearing, the page Devil's Triangle (disambiguation) was anonymously edited to add "a popular drinking game enjoyed by friends of judge Brett Kavanaugh." Both edits appeared to come from the Capitol.

See further coverage here and here. — E

In brief

Photograph of a large, multi-storey, and rather blocky office building with a leafless tree out front
55 Savushkina Street, home of the Internet Research Agency troll farm

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