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An Action Packed April: New Administrators, April Fools, our competitors, and other associated updates


  • Primefac filed an RfB on 31 March 2019, a mere 2 weeks after DeltaQuad was promoted as a result of her RfB. Primefac's RfB was closed as successful with a final tally of 151/7/5. This makes 2019 the first year since 2014 with 2 new bureaucrats, and there are still 8 more months to go!
  • Bishzilla filed a (serious) RfA for RexxS on 1 April 2019. After a 'crat chat, Dweller closed the RfA as successful. The story continued, however; Pudeo then proceeded to file a request for Arbitration, arguing that the RfA should have been closed as "no consensus to promote" instead. More coverage in the Arbitration report.
  • On 12 April 2019, 'crat Wizardman retired from the project. An active editor, he even participated in Rexx's crat-chat.
  • Just a few weeks after the last RfA, Ritchie333 and TonyBallioni nominated HickoryOughtShirt?4 for adminship. As of writing, the RfA is still open for discussion.


April Fools' recap

Additional contributors: Pythoncoder

  • As part of Wikipedia's April Fools' Day festivities, a recently created Wikipedia newspaper called TheWikiWizard was nominated for deletion at MfD. Signpost writer DannyS712 also writes for it.
  • This year there were 2 successful RfAs: Linguist111 (testing) (closed at <10/9/1>), and DeprecatedFixerBot (closed at <7/13/6>). There was not a single unsuccessful RfA filed on April Fools' Day. RfBs, however, didn't fare as well: while ZLEA2 was closed as successful (with a final tally of <?/?/?>), ClueBot NG was unsuccessful, with their RfB closing at <17/16/12>.
  • On the other hand, no humor BRFAs were denied: DeletionBoot was approved for trial, while C-3PO is still pending.

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