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Special desk

In addition to publishing weekly sections like News and notes and the WikiProject report the Signpost also occasionally publishes "special reports" covering topics, ranging from project history to statistical reports, in greater depth than allowed in the weekly sectionals. This desk aims to be a space where we can corroborate such reports and maintain a list of such publications.

How it works[edit]

The Signpost maintains several desks for special articles: the interviews desk covers interviews with other editors and prominent project contributors; the opinion desk covers opinion editorials and personal essays; and the review desk covers book reviews. In-depth articles outside of the purview of these desks are sent here instead; as a matter of course this means that most irregular contributions from community editors are published either as op-eds or as special reports.

The special desk acts as a holding pen and proposal space for special submissions, to give feedback and try to find ways to improve and polish them and to collect sets of related pieces. The publication of special articles is at the ultimate discretion of the Signpost‍ '​s editors-in-chief, Go Phightins! and Gamaliel. Before continuing please make sure that your particular publication is not more appropriate as a opinion report instead.

Do you have a proposal for a special report you'd like to write and publish? If so please read and understand the submission guidelines below, then create a new submission in the submissions column below explaining the content of your writing and the reason you think it is topical or should be pursued.

If you are ready to submit a proposal simply list your submission below; items here are automatically transclused to the Signpost hub, the Newsroom, and so no further action on your part is required until you get a response from the editors.

If you are ready to submit a proposal you can use the proposal button below to do so.

Create new special report proposal

If you are ready to start writing you can use the draft button below to do so.


If you are unsure of what to write about, these items, transclused from the Newsroom, are our current editorial focus:

This space is for editors sharing internal ideas about topics or issues the Signpost should focus on or find writers to address, but for which reports or proposals have not yet been drafted. Items here are automatically transcluded to the opinion and special desks so that contributing editors may be aware of our current editorial focus.

  • Copyright: How overly strict copyright limits are hurting Wikimedia contributors? Alternatively, how Wikimedia contributors' copyrights are violated on a daily basis?
  • Public release I've seen a couple of stories about major releases of materials into the Creative Commons of large numbers of literary and scholarly works in the languages of India, specifically Kannada and Tamil, thanks to the efforts of Wikipedians. Perhaps a talk with some of the participants or an overview of these kinds of efforts?
  • LangCom: LangCom seems to have ossified, how come?

Submission guidelines[edit]

Please comment on submissions below: share ideas about how to improve pieces that catch your interest, make suggestions as to whether a given piece is ready for publication, or pitch ideas for future pieces. Note that submissions should be kept relatively neutral. We ask that comments be kept constructive; if you are unclear on any of the process or have questions related thereto, feel free to use the talkpage. Generally speaking special reports are less factional than op-eds are, so are not subject to quite as much approval.

Submissions below are automatically listed for review in our Newsroom. Further instructions are available upon editing the page.


Previous publications[edit]

Note: The following list is automatically generated using {{Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/Templates/Article list}}. It is incomplete because special report names are not fully standardized. A manually assembled list (to be deprecated in the future) can be found here.