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 1 <noinclude>
 2 {{Signpost draft}}
 3 {{Wikipedia:Signpost/Template:Signpost-header|||}}
 4 </noinclude>
 6 <div style="padding-left:50px; padding-right:50px;">
 7 {{Wikipedia:Signpost/Template:Signpost-article-start
 8     |{{{1|(Your article's descriptive subtitle here)}}}
 9     |By [[User:{{subst:REVISIONUSER}}|]]
10     |{{subst:#time:j F Y|{{subst:Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/Issue|4}}}}
11 }}
12 </div>
14 <div style="width:46em; line-height:1.6em; font-size:1em; font-family:Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; padding-left:5em;" class="plainlinks">
16 {{Signpost inline image|image=File:Gypful.jpg|caption=Example inline image and caption.}}
18 ===Lead story one===
19 The story begins here.
21 ===Lead story two===
22 The story begins here.
24 </div>
25 <div style="padding-left:50px; font-family:Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;" class="plainlinks">
27 ===Brief notes===
28 {{Signpost brief filler image|image=File:T-Rex Modell.JPG|size=300px|caption=Example filler image and caption.}}
29 *'''New user-groups''': The [[meta:Affiliations Committee|Affiliations Committee]] announced the approval of this week's newest [[meta:Wikimedia movement affiliates|Wikimedia movement affiliate]], the .
30 *'''New administrators''': ''The Signpost'' welcomes the English Wikipedia's newest administrators,
31 *'''Milestones''': The following Wikipedia projects reached milestones this week:
33 </div>
35 <noinclude>
36 {{Wikipedia:Signpost/Template:Signpost-article-comments-end
37     |
38     |{{subst:Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/Issue|1}}
39     |{{subst:Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/Issue|5}}
40 }}
41 </noinclude>
42 </nowiki>
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Signpost publications by the years.

Articles examined in the study

Politically controversial articles

Non-controversial articles

Related articles
Gender gap

Facebook hack; gender gap; What is the Wikipedia "community"?; brief news
31 January 2011

Widespread discussions about the low participation of women in Wikipedia
7 February 2011

Foundation report; gender statistics; DMCA takedowns; brief news
14 February 2011

Gender gap and sexual images; India consultant; brief news
21 February 2011

More articles

Israeli news focuses on Wikimania; worldwide coverage of contributor decline and gender gap; brief news
8 August 2011

Wikipedia a "sausage fest", Chicago Wikipedians ("the people you've probably plagiarized"), and other silly season stories
15 August 2011

Article promotion by collaboration; deleted revisions; Wikipedia's use of open access; readers unimpressed by FAs; swine flu anxiety
29 August 2011

Bell Pottinger investigation, Gardner on gender gap, and another plagiarist caught red-handed
12 December 2011

Gender gap and conflict aversion; collaboration on breaking news; effects of leadership on participation; legacy of Public Policy Initiative
27 February 2012

Women's history, what we're missing, and why it matters
12 March 2012

IEG funding for women's stories—a new approach to the gender gap
4 June 2014

Banning Policy, Gender Gap, and Waldorf education
24 September 2014

Gender gap and skills gap; academic citations on the rise; European food cultures
26 November 2014

Study tour controversy; class tackles the gender gap
31 December 2014

No men beyond this point: the proposal to create a no-men space on Wikipedia
4 February 2015

Women and Wikipedia: the world is watching
21 October 2015

"Wikipedia's hostility to women"
21 October 2015

Women in Red—using teamwork and partnerships to elevate online and offline collaborations
16 December 2015

Teaching Wikipedia, Does advertising the gender gap help or hurt Wikipedia?
6 January 2016

Shit I cannot believe we had to fucking write this month
17 February 2016

Wikipedia and paid labour; Swedish gender gap; how verifiable is "verifiable"?
2 March 2016

The new alchemy: turning online harassment into Wikipedia articles on women scientists
9 March 2016

Wikipedian is break-out star of International Women's Day; dinosaur art; Wikipedia's new iOS app and its fight for market share
9 March 2016

Revenge of "I can’t believe we didn’t have an article on ..."
9 March 2016


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  • News in brief: Signpost stories in regular reports—In the media, News and notes, Technology report, others—often or usually have a section "in brief" where small but nevertheless notable news is touched upon. The formatting of this section escapes a bit from that of the other sections, but will be handled for you when you start a story out of the newsroom.
  • Images in brief: Images can appear in news in brief: to use them here use the {{Signpost brief filler image|image=|caption=|size=}} template. An example appears at right.
  • Anchors: Oftentimes with news in brief you will want to go and link back to a brief item sometime in the future, perhaps when the issue gets significant coverage again and the previous coverage is still notable and useful. To do so go back and drop into that story an {{anchor|Linkname}} template, and then link to it with [[Foo/Bar#Linkname]]. As, for instance, here.
  • Citing previous Signpost coverage: When citing another article in the issue being written, use the formulation "(see Signpost coverage"). When referring to articles in previous editions (more common), the format "(see previous Signpost coverage)" is preferred.
  • Asserting authorship: In the case of Signpost pages with multiple authors you can (but aren't required to) make use of a small byline callout (<small>[[User:Resident Mario|R]]</small>, for instance) placed at the end of the piece to demonstrate writer's ownership of a particular section. R