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Opinion desk

The Signpost is calling for position pieces, calls to arms, perspectives from other projects, debates and essays addressing important issues facing the English Wikipedia and the broader Wikimedia community. Have a project that you'd like to highlight? An issue that you'd like to bring to light? An essay you'd like to publish? Bring it to us and let us help you make it known. The Signpost actively solicits op-eds from the community, subject the approval of the editor(s)-in-chief, currently Go Phightins! and Gamaliel.

How it works[edit]

The opinion desk acts as a holding pen for submissions to give feedback and try to find ways to improve and polish them, and to collect sets of related pieces. The publication of opinion pieces is at the ultimate discretion of the Signpost‍ '​s editors-in-chief, Go Phightins! and Gamaliel. Before continuing please make sure that your particular publication is not more appropriate as a special report instead.

Do you have a proposal for an essay you'd like to write and publish? If so please read and understand the submission guidelines below, then create a new submission in the submissions column below explaining the content of your essay and the reason you think it is topical or should be pursued. Because of the sensitive nature of op-eds, it's good habit to wait on editorial feedback from the editor(s)-in-chief before starting writing.

Would you like to publish an essay you've already written? Do the same as you would with a new proposal, but be sure to include a link to the essay in your submission.

Would you like to comment on essays and ideas currently under consideration? Feel free to do so; this process is open to the community at large. While submissions that take strong positions on important issues are welcome, we ask that comments be kept constructive. If you are unclear on any of the process or have questions related thereto, feel free to use the talkpage.

If you are ready to submit a proposal simply list your submission below; items here are automatically transclused to the Signpost hub, the Newsroom, and so no further action on your part is required until you get a response from the editors.

If you are ready to submit a proposal you can use the proposal button below to do so.

Create new op-ed proposal

If you are ready to start writing you can use the draft button below to do so.


If you are unsure of what to write about, these items, transclused from the Newsroom, are our current editorial focus:

This space is for editors sharing internal ideas about topics or issues the Signpost should focus on or find writers to address, but for which reports or proposals have not yet been drafted. Items here are automatically transcluded to the opinion and special desks so that contributing editors may be aware of our current editorial focus.

  • Copyright: How overly strict copyright limits are hurting Wikimedia contributors? Alternatively, how Wikimedia contributors' copyrights are violated on a daily basis?
  • Public release I've seen a couple of stories about major releases of materials into the Creative Commons of large numbers of literary and scholarly works in the languages of India, specifically Kannada and Tamil, thanks to the efforts of Wikipedians. Perhaps a talk with some of the participants or an overview of these kinds of efforts?
  • Guerrilla Skepticism: Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia is still a hot topic amongst proponents of alternative medicine and science. This seems ripe for a news feature or perhaps an interview with Susan Gerbic.
  • LangCom: LangCom seems to have ossified, how come?

Submission guidelines[edit]

The criteria for publishing opinion pieces are quality of argument, originality, and relevance to the community, as judged by the Signpost. Similar to newspaper op-eds, opinion pieces should be accompanied by an extended byline (suggestion: one to three sentences), that briefly introduces the author and indicates why his or her opinion about the topic might interest the reader. The purpose of publishing opinion pieces is to provoke thought and discussion in a productive rather than antagonistic fashion, and so submissions should be well-researched and not factually misleading or unnecessarily inflammatory. A related set of submissions that address the same issue but from editors' different perspectives are especially encouraged.

Unlike the weekly news reporting focus of the standard Signpost articles, and the investigative and evaluative focus of its special reports and opinion pieces are primarily editorial in tone. As the Signpost does not have a house point-of-view or political agenda, it does not endorse the perspectives of opinion pieces, which express only the views of their authors.


Local project[edit]

  • Submission:
  • Author: Unknown
  • Rationale:

Kindly permit me to lend my voice to the stream of the ongoing discussions and also to report activities from Series 1 Week 1 of the project.

We started the project today has promised at Alimoso Junior Grammar school at Alimoso, Lagos Nigeria. The students responded so well with a huge attendance of over 30 Participants including 5 teachers.

The program started with general information to WMF anchored by Kayode Yusuf and collaborated by Babatunde Osiyale. It was an electrifying moment . The students and teachers alike couldn't believe that there was a platform that could permit them to contribute to the global knowledge base like WIKI.

Olaniyan Olushola handled the Wikipedia Adventure game. Although we stopped at Mission 1, we will continue with the remaining missions in the subsequent weeks. ‎Episode 2 will continue by 26th May 2015. However, One of the high points of the Episode 1 is the online Wiki registration by the students and their Teachers. More so, one of the teachers volunteered to be the Class Supervisor.

The creation of ID and password was suspended because Wikipedia limits the numbers of registrations that could be done per IP. Ten students were able to personally created their accounts on WIKI.

The program culminated with a group photograph.

At the end of this series, we hope to engage the students through the help of their Supervisor on a task to be decided at the later stage of the program. Their underground plan is to convert this group of participants into a WIKI Club at the school. Hopefully this same concept will be replicated in other schools.

Some of the photograph ‎of the Series 1 Week 1 have been loaded on Wiki. More photos will be loaded tomorrow. ( I will share links to the uploaded photograph tomorrow)

  • Discussion:

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