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The Signpost
Single-page Edition
1 July 2015

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The logo of the CIS-A2K program.
Sicore, Damon 2014.jpg
Suddenly outgoing vice president of engineering Damon Sicore.
Gilbey, Terence March 2015.jpg
Chief operating officer Terence Gibley, who will be given a part of Sicore's workload while a successor is found.

Brief notes

  • Discussion of interest: A discussion of interest occurred this week on the Wikimedia-l mailing list regarding the history of Wikimedian chapters and user organizations in the United States, and whether or not a regional chapter (Wikimedia US) can, could have, or should have occurred. Quoting Risker:
  • Metrics and activities: This month's Metrics and activities meeting took place on July 2.
  • Wikimedia Conference 2015 Follow-up: The Wikimedia Germany personnel who hosted the recently concluded Wikimedia Conference 2015 in Berlin are organizing a WMCON Follow-up Day to be hosted at the coming Wikimania 2015, to be held July 15–19 in Mexico City. The day is "designed to be a space for participants of the Wikimedia Conference and other interested people to discuss topics of the Wikimedia Conference and develop them further."
  • Press release on Wikimania 2015: The WMF published a press release this week on the coming Wikimania 2015.
  • API portal: A new portal is being constructed to teach developers the basics of the Wikimedia query options available. You can read more about it in a posting to wikitech-l explaining what the big deal is.
  • Wikimedia Hackathon 2015 post-op: A Wikimedia France member posted a write-up of the outcomes of this year's headliner Wikimedia Hackathon 2015 in Lyon, France to the Wikimedia Blog.
  • Africa: Wikipedian Ian Gilfillan this week made a post on his personal blog highlighting points of interest in the growth of African Wikipedias. "While the English Wikipedia makes the news due to the declining number of editors, and has a particularly bad reputation (as can be seen in the mailing lists) amongst African editors who’ve had experience with some of its trigger-happy bureaucrats, how are the African language Wikipedias themselves faring?" The results are troubling: as with the English Wikipedia growth rates are static or declining across the board.
In a separate and unrelated blog post Wikipedian Don Osborn (author of "African Languages in a Digital Age") published another post to his own blog, this one discussing "Wiktionary as a tool for African language learning". The recommendations have also gained some traction in a discussion on the mailing list.

Reader comments

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