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The Signpost
Single-page Edition
7 October 2015

Kazakhstan (orthographic projection).svg
Kazakhstan, the world's largest landlocked country, straddles Europe and China.
Reserve Karkaraly.jpg
Kazakhstan is a vast country, the world's ninth-largest by area, blessed with enormous mineral resources.
Central Downtown Astana 2.jpg
The Kazakh government is based in Astana, Kazakhstan's futuristic, purpose-built capital. The large yurt-like structure in the far distance was designed by renowned British architects Foster and Partners.
Hrw logo.svg
Organisations like Human Rights Watch sharply condemn the Kazakh government for its human rights abuses. You would not have thought so from reading Wikipedia.
2015 Freedom House world map.png
The 2015 Freedom House world map. Kazakhstan is shown slate-coloured, i.e. "not free". The freest countries in the region are Mongolia, landlocked between China and Russia and marked in green, just to the east of Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan, marked in orange to the south-east of Kazakhstan.
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The search engine manipulation effect (SEME): recent research shows that Google visibility has a significant impact on public perception, opening the door to manipulation. Wikipedia, increasingly integrated into Google's Knowledge Graph and Bing's Satori equivalent, is a key factor in what search engine users see.
Z jovanovic.jpg
In 2013, Croatia's Minister of Science, Education and Sports, Željko Jovanović, warned his country's students not to rely on the Croatian Wikipedia, as it had been "usurped" by a far right fringe group that had filled large parts of it with falsified content.

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Earlier this year, Jimmy Wales was one of many people who called for the freeing of jailed Saudi blogger Raif Badawi on an organized "Day of Action" protest.
Wiki dapamozhnik 0.10beta.pdf
The Belarusian Wikipedia manual

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