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Plan a photo hunt in your city!


  1. Decide when to hold your city's photo hunt. It should be held sometime in September (Saturday Sep 21 is suggested, but local circumstances should decide), to coincide with the Wiki Loves Monuments contest.
  2. Create a meetup page to announce the event and get people on board.

  3. Add your meetup page to the list of events by region.


A successful photo hunt requires a solid plan. On your meetup page, you will need to include the following information:

  • A list of sites to photograph. Use the map tool on the Wiki Loves Monuments USA website.
    • Use the geographic coordinates on the lists to generate a map using Google Maps or a similar tool.
    • Also include their NRHP reference numbers so that the pictures can be entered into the Wiki Loves Monuments contest for NRHP site photographs
  • Announce a specific meeting place based on the geographic location of these entries, such as a downtown landmark. At this location, hand out your maps and instruction sheets.
    • Bring a Wikipedia sign or something similar for recognition!
  • Schedule when and where the upload party is, such as a local café. Direct photographers to the Wiki Loves Monuments upload form.
  • You are also welcome to schedule an after-party!

During the event[edit]

  • Be sure to have printed copies of the maps and instructions.
  • If you are the organizer, show up at the designated meeting place early and stick around after the event begins, for late-comers.
  • Have a big group photo-walk touring different historic sites around town. Alternatively teams can go out on their own. Don't forget your cameras!

Have any questions?[edit]

Contact the Wiki Loves Monuments USA team at