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Everyone enjoyed the last Wiki Takes Freo so much, that it's happening again, this time as part of the Fremantle Festival! The Fremantle Society is playing host as last time, and there will be a barbeque afterwards.

The aim is to increase Wikimedia projects' photographic coverage of Fremantle, Western Australia and environs. Participants are encouraged to try to take photos of 'iconic' subjects, especially those that are further off the tourists' beaten path.

You don't have to be involved in Wikipedia, or an amazing photographer, or anything in particular other than interested in Fremantle and helping record just one day in history. A list of suggested subjects is provided (see below), and you walk/ride/bus around town taking some number of photos of each of them and of whatever else you think appropriate, before regrouping back at the venue in the afternoon for uploading, food, and a barbeque.

Date, Time, and Location[edit]

  • What: Take photos of Fremantle; they'll be uploaded to Wikimedia.
  • When: Saturday, 19 November 2011, 10:00AM.
  • Where: The Fremantle Society cottage, 11 Captains Lane, three doors down from the Round House.
  • Who: Anyone! If you have an interest in Fremantle, photography, or wandering around on a nice day with some friends, come along! Add yourself to the participant list below.


10:00AM Meet at the cottage to register and tell the organisers what area you'll be covering (to avoid too much duplication).
10:00–13:00 Try to take as many good shots of subjects that capture the essence of Fremantle. See below for some suggestions.
13:00 Head back to the cottage to download the photos to one of the organisers' computers, and then eat and drink and generally have a nice Saturday afternoon.

Internet connectivity at the venue is limited to 3G modems (of which there will be at least one, never fear), and there is the offer of a faster connection just down the road on High Street.


Basically, anywhere in or around Fremantle is fair game, as well as anything or anyone related to Freo in any way. Look for iconic subjects, ones that represent the city in some way. The following are some suggestions, but there's no need to limit yourself to these:

  • Numbat mural in Henderson Street mall
  • Photos from the top of the ferris wheel
  • Lasagne bake off in Lilly St, Sth Freo
  • Woolstores made into art work,
  • interesting new and old buildings and details of them
  • old stables in South Freo
  • South Beach kiosk
  • Lifesavers on beach
  • ISAF Sailing World Championships — banners, shop, sailing, etc.
  • outdoor activities,
  • people fishing on the moles or in the harbour
  • Fremantle Tram
  • interesting bikes and vehicles

Be creative. Try to get different Angles. Have fun! For inspiration, check out what's already on Commons: Commons:Fremantle, Western Australia — and what's missing! Also, you can browse the Fremantle category here on Wikipedia ([+] to expand category branches):

See also the event page on the Scavenger Hunt tool:

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  1. Another photo scavenger hunt is to be held in Joodalup the week after the current Wiki Takes Fremantle, on Saturday November 26. Read more…
  2. Australia's first Wiki Takes… event was held in Fremantle on 17 September 2011, and resulted in over 800 photos being uploaded to Commons. See them all, in their category over on Commons.