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Wikipedia Takes Open House Perth 2016 is a "Wiki Takes" photo/scavenger-hunt event focused around Open House Perth, on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 November 2016. The Open House Perth event allows public access to areas which are usually restricted – our aim is to photograph as many of these areas as possible, for upload to Commons, and inclusion in Wikipedia articles.

List of targets[edit]

The priority is for notable subjects. Specific targets can be listed below. These should be Open House venues with corresponding Wikipedia articles to be improved, or which are notable but do not yet have an article.

See [1] for a full list of destinations and opening times.

Destination Article Open Saturday (12 Nov) Open Sunday (13 Nov)
108 St Georges Terrace 108 St Georges Terrace 10am-5pm


Feel free to sign here to note your participation (or your intention), and include a link to your contributions. All photos should be categorised in commons:Category:Wikipedia Takes Open House Perth 2016 (yet to be created), or a subcategory thereof.

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