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Wikipedia Takes Waroona is a photo scavenger hunt in the spirit of Wikipedia Takes Your City to be held in Waroona, Western Australia, located 112 kilometres (70 mi) south of the city of Perth. It follows from the successes of Freopedia & Wiki Takes Joondalup, its the first such event to occur in regional Western Australia, and is being organised by the Waroona Visitors Centre, Shire of Waroona along with WikiProject Western Australia and Wikimedia Australia.

You don't have to be involved in Wikipedia, or an amazing photographer, or anything in particular other than interested in Waroona and helping record just one day in history. A list of goals is provided, and you walk/ride/drive around the area taking some number of photos of each of them, before regrouping back at the venue in the afternoon for uploading and an all day morning/afternoon tea.

Date, Time, and Location[edit]

Wikipedia Takes Waroona at the Waroona Visitor Centre & Gallery

Further information is at this link.

  • When: Saturday 23 November 2013, 10:00am until late.
  • Where: Waroona Visitor Centre & Gallery.
  • Who: Anyone! If you have an interest in Waroona, photography, or wandering around on a nice day with some friends, come along! Add yourself to the participant list below.


10:00AM Meet at the Waroona Visitor Centre to receive goal lists and instructions.
11:00–16:00 Try to take as many shots of as many goals as you can.
16:00 Back to the Waroona Visitor Centre to upload your photos, eat and drink, and receive your gift for participating.


See /Goals for the complete list in a form suitable for printing and taking with you on the day, and below for some topics that might need to be added to the list.

We're currently building the list of goals!


P1 Waroona Anything in Waroona town site
P1 Hamel, Western Australia and other localities
Major structures & historical within the townsites
P2 Industry, Agriculture both current and defunct activities
P3 Transport transport infrastructure, including bridges, railways, roads
P3 Flora & Fauna all native Flora, for ease of identification focus on flowering plants and any native Fauna that happens to cross your path(be careful of those that bite)

For inspiration, check out what's already on Commons: Commons:Category:Waroona, Western Australia — and what's still missing!

Browse the Waroona category here on Wikipedia ([+] to expand category branches):

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Teams and Participants[edit]

Add your name here:

  • Nelly Barr
  • Gnangarra
  • sats (apologies for the day, but hope to help in other ways)
  • Tracy Goldsworthy
  • Shane Honess
  • Evad37 (probably)
  • Naomi Purcell
  • Leysha Old
  • Evonne Valle

Waroona Visitor Centre & Gallery