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Wikipedia Takes Your City
Wikipedia Takes Your City

Wikipedia Takes Your City is a one-day photo scavenger hunt and free-content photography contest where participants compete to take as many photographs as possible of sights in a particular locale for Wikipedia articles that need them. A dedicated tool for facilitating Wikipedia Takes Your City events has been developed on the toolserver[dead link], where additional instructions may be found.

Compiling a list[edit]

A list of articles needing photographs can be compiled from sources such as Category:Wikipedia requested photographs in Manhattan, and even by manually going through articles in subcategories of Category:Manhattan.

It can also be that some articles which do have photographs need more modern photographs, or photographs of specific things at the location.

The list should be broadly organized by neighborhood, with addresses and cross-streets included.

You should also solicit fellow Wikipedians for their own suggestions.

Instruction packets[edit]

The finalized list should be printed in an instruction packet to be given out on the morning of the event, with full instructions and a code number for each of the locations.

There were two different starting points (and collection points) in New York, and this could be done in other locales too if it was found convenient.

It is important that participants take a "context photograph" of an index card with the location code written on it (held up in front of the camera and the target location), before actual photographs of the target location. This helps reconstruct which photographs are of which location.

Participants should be encouraged to compete in teams of two or three members if they want to, which increases the fun factor. Still, they should share one camera/memory card, because this also helps reconstruction.

Scores can be tallied with a point system: in New York, there were 10 points for normal locations, 5 bonus points for locations that also had interior photographs, and 30 points for locations far from the city center.


The uploading can be held at a party in the evening, where scores are also tallied and prizes given to members of the winning teams.

The best way to do the uploads is through the Wikimedia Photo Scavenger Hunts[dead link]} site. Alternatively, a program such as Commonist can be used, and templates similar to {{WTM}}, {{WTMid}} and {{WTMtag}}.


Wikipedia Takes Montreal 2011
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