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Wikipedia at the Library is a public education program starting at the New York Public Library in using and contributing to Wikipedia, which is being coordinated with the assistance of Wikimedia New York City volunteers.

The pilot project was a July 2009 class, with groups of about 15 students taught in two sessions at the Mid-Manhattan Library, focusing in turn on the topics of media literacy and the basics of contributing.

Further initiatives may include new types of classes, the training of library staff, and librarian assistance with resources for Wikipedia. This approach may also be adapted to other types of public education organizations and institutions, and in other cities.

For more information, see the outline of the classes at User:DGG/NYPL, and contact User:DGG and User:Pharos.

Related presentations, outlined at User:Mozucat/workshops, were given by User:Mozucat to about 30 fellow faculty members at LaGuardia Community College in September 2009, and to a similar sized group in December at CUNY IT Conference 2009.

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