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This is the apostrophe demon. He lurks Wikipedia correcting misuse of apostrophes.

Temporal range:
Late Nupedian (2003) – Recent
Putatively since Middle Nupedian (2001)
God kväll, farbror! Hälsade pojken.jpg
A WikiGremlin hard at work
Scientific classification
W. wikigrem
Binomial name
Wikidraco wikigrem

A WikiGremlin (a portmanteau of Wikipedia and gremlin) is a microscopic creature that runs the Wikipedia website. Light blue in color, with grey eyes and an orange or fuchsia mohawk, most are good, and generate entries like random page, recent changes and new pages, but a few have unfortunately risked snacks and half a bottle of Grand Marnier after midnight, and now go about titling documents InAVeryOddWay, breaking links and generally causing havoc.

They are cousins to the infamous pencil gremlins, which are peculiar to cylindrical habitats normally resigned to stationery. They feed on graphite, metabolising and excreting dust. They can be found banging pencils around the pencil holder, and are thus directly responsible for the pencil point breakages that inevitably occur at the most crucial of times.