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This page is about festivals and holidays observed, celebrated, and commemorated in Wikipedia by the Wikipedian community. For Wikipedians' off-work i.e. their period of rest or break from Wikiwork, see Wikipedia:Wikibreak.
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For the first four years of Wikipedia's existence, at random times known only to him, Jimbo decreed an official Wikipedia holiday. These are to be celebrated annually in the manner described in the proclamation. After a long break, the tradition was briefly resumed in 2012. Note that each proclamation begins with Jimbo proclaiming "in his usual authoritarian and bossy manner"—meant to poke fun at the general impression that he's somehow the GodKing of Wikipedia, which he proclaims in his usual authoritarian and bossy manner that he isn't. This is just his fun tradition.

Wikipedia holidays are a part of the Wikipedia:Awards system.