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Below is an incomplete list of academic conference presentations, peer-reviewed papers and other types of academic writing which focus on Wikipedia as their subject. Works that mention Wikipedia only in passing are unlikely to be listed.

Unpublished works of presumably academic quality are listed in a dedicated section. For non-academic research, as well as tools that may be useful in researching Wikipedia, see Wikipedia:Researching Wikipedia. For a WikiProject focused on doing research on Wikipedia, see Wikipedia:WikiProject Wikidemia.

For academic papers using Wikipedia as a source, see Wikipedia:Wikipedia as an academic source, and the bibliography links listed at the bottom of this page. For teaching with Wikipedia, see Wikipedia:Student assignments. For researching with Wikipedia, see Wikipedia:Researching with Wikipedia. For non-academic works focused on Wikipedia, see Wikipedia:Wikipedia in the media.

Over time[edit]

Growth of academic interest in Wikipedia: number of publications by year, from creation of Wikipedia to end of 2010. Source: based on mid-May 2011 revision of this page.

Peer reviewed[edit]

Journal articles[edit]

Please do not add non-peer reviewed content such as editorials and magazine articles to this section. Those pieces have their own sections Wikipedia:Academic_studies_of_Wikipedia#Not_peer_reviewed below.
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Authors Title Source Year Online Notes Abstract Keywords
Samy A. Azer Evaluation of gastroenterology and hepatology articles on Wikipedia: Are they suitable as learning resources for medical students? (Eur J Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2014 Feb;26(2):155-63) doi:10.1097/MEG.0000000000000003 2014 [1] gastroenterology, hepatology, learning resources, medical education, medical students, self-directed learning, Wikipedia
Marques, Juliana Bastos Trabalhando com a história romana na Wikipédia: uma experiência em conhecimento colaborativo na universidade Revista História Hoje, ANPUH/Brasil, vol. 2, no. 3, 329-346. 2013 [2] Also available at [3]. Wikipedia; education and internet; collaborative knowledge.
Patrick M Archambault; Tom H van de Belt; Francisco J Grajales; Marjan J Faber; Craig E Kuziemsky; Susie Gagnon; Andrea Bilodeau; Simon Rioux; Willianne LDM Nelen; Marie-Pierre Gagnon; Alexis F Turgeon; Karine Aubin11; Irving Gold; Julien Poitras; Gunther Eysenbach; Jan AM Kremer; France Légaré Wikis and Collaborative Writing Applications in Health Care: A Scoping Review (J Med Internet Res 2013;15(10):e210) doi:10.2196/jmir.2787 2013 [4] collaborative writing applications; collaborative authoring; knowledge management; crowdsourcing; medical informatics; ehealth; Internet; Wiki; Wikipedia; Google Docs; Google Knol; Web 2.0; knowledge translation; evidence-based medicine; participatory med
Tsikerdekis, Michail The effects of perceived anonymity and anonymity states on conformity and groupthink in online communities: A Wikipedia study Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology. 64(5), 1001–1015. DOI: 10.1002/asi.22795 2013 [5] groupthink, anonymity, pseudonymity, conformity
Jensen, Richard Military History on the Electronic Frontier: Wikipedia Fights the War of 1812 The Journal of Military History 76, 1165-82 2012 [6] War of 1812, military history, historiography

D'Hautcourt, Alexis Modifier Wikipédia : un exercice de FLE The review of inquiry and research 93, 237-246 2011 [7] Francais, motivation, lecture, internet, French as a Foreign Language
Brunette, Louise et Gagnon, Chantal Enseigner la révision à l'ère des wikis ou là où on trouve la technologie alors qu'on ne l'attendait pas JoSTrans, vol. 19, no 1 2013 Révision, réviseurs, révisés, relecteurs, relecture, enseignement de la révision, enseignement de la traduction, Wikipédia, revising, revisors, revisees, revisors training, translators training
Myshkin Ingawale, Amitava Dutta, Rahul Roy, Priya Seetharaman Network Analysis of User Generated Content Quality in Wikipedia Online Information Review 2012 [8] Wikipedia, network analysis, social computing, structural holes, user generated content, quality

Baker, Daniel J. A Jester's Promenade: Citations to Wikipedia in Law Reviews, 2002-2008 I/S: A Journal of Law and Policy for the Information Society 2012 [9] Wikipedia, legal citation, law reviews, law journals, legal writing
Hardy, D., Frew, J., & Goodchild, M.F. Volunteered geographic information production as a spatial process International Journal of Geographical Information Science 2012 [10] distance decay; geotagging; user-generated content; volunteered geographic information; Wikipedia

Taha Yasseri, Robert Sumi, János Kertész Circadian Patterns of Wikipedia Editorial Activity: A Demographic Analysis PLoS ONE 7(1): e30091 2012 [11] Wikipedia; editorial activity; editors demography; circadian patterns
Taha Yasseri, Robert Sumi, András Rung, András Kornai, János Kertész Dynamics of conflicts in Wikipedia PLoS ONE 7(6): e38869 2012 [12] Wikipedia; editorial activity; editors demography; circadian patterns
Zhang, Xiaoquan (Michael) & Zhu, Feng Group Size and Incentives to Contribute: A Natural Experiment at Chinese Wikipedia American Economic Review, 101(4): 1601–15. 2011 [13] Wikipedia; blocking; incentives; public goods

Brown, Adam R. Wikipedia as a Data Source for Political Scientists? Accuracy and Completeness of Coverage PS: Political Science & Politics Volume 44 2011 [14] Wikipedia; reliability; accuracy; politics
Lim, S. and Simon, C. Credibility judgment and verification behavior of college students concerning Wikipedia First Monday Volume16 2011 [15] Wikipedia; credibility; theory of bounded rationality; verification; college students

Saorín, T.; Pastor Sánchez, J.A. and De Haro de San Mateo, M.V. Posibilidades de Wikipedia en la docencia universitaria: elaboración colaborativa de conocimiento = Possibilities of Wikipedia in higher education: collaborative knowledge construction Revista Ibersid Volume 2011, pp. 89-97 2011 [16] Spanish Informational literacy; Wikipedia; Didactic participatory strategies; Research methods; Production of scientific works
Saorín, T. and Pastor Sánchez, J.A. Bancos de imágenes para proyectos enciclopédicos: el caso de Wikimedia Commons = Image databanks in encyclopedia context: the case of Wikimedia Commons El profesional de la información, Volume 20, julio-agosto, n.4, pp. 424-431 2011 [17] Spanish

Wikipedia; Wikimedia Commons; Public domain; Encyclopedias; Image banks

Pekarek, Martin & Potzsch, Stefanie A comparison of privacy issues in collaborative workspaces and social networks Identity in the Information Society Volume 2 2009 [18]
Johnson, P.T.; Chen, J.K.; Eng, J.; Makary, M.A. & Fishman, E.K. A comparison of World Wide Web resources for identifying medical information Academic Radiology Volume 15 2008 [19]
Morse, G A conversation with Jimmy Wales HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW Volume 86 2008 [20]
Judd, Terry & Kennedy, Gregor A five-year study of on-campus Internet use by undergraduate biomedical students Computers and Education Volume 55 2010 [21]
Murugeshan, Meenakshi Sundaram; Lakshmi, K. & Mukherjee, Saswati A negative category based approach for Wikipedia document classification International Journal of Knowledge Engineering and Data Mining Volume 1 2010 [22]

Castelluccio, M. A New Year, a New Internet Strategic Finance Volume 89 Pages 59 2008
Farhoodi, M.; Yari, A. & Mahmoudi, M. A Persian Web Page Classifier Applying a Combination of Content-Based and Context-Based Features International Journal of Information Studies Volume 1 2009
Ward, Rod A request for help to improve the coverage of the NHS and UK healthcare issues on Wikipedia He@lth Information on the Internet Volume 53 2006 [23]
Lawler, Cormac A resource review of Wikipedia. Counselling & Psychotherapy Research Volume 6 2006 [24]

Ray, Santosh Kumar; Singh, Shailendra & Joshi, B.P. A semantic approach for question classification using WordNet and Wikipedia Pattern Recognition Letters Volume 31 2010 [25]
Cress, Ulrike & Kimmerle, Joachim A systemic and cognitive view on collaborative knowledge building with wikis International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning Volume 3 2008 [26]
Spence, Des A wicked encyclopaedia. BMJ: British Medical Journal Volume 339 Pages 700:b3814 2009
Pak, Alexander N. & Chung, Chin-Wan A wikipedia matching approach to contextual advertising World Wide Web Volume 13 2010 [27]
Eijkman, H. Academics and Wikipedia: Reframing Web 2.0+as a disruptor of traditional academic power-knowledge arrangements Campus-Wide Information Systems Volume 27 2010 [28]
Smith, David M. D.; Onnela, Jukka-Pekka & Johnson, Neil F. Accelerating networks New Journal of Physics Volume 9 2007 [29]
Veltman, Kim H. Access, claims and quality on the internet - Future challenges Progress in Informatics 2005 [30]
Lizorkin, Dmitry; Velikhov, Pavel; Grinev, Maxim & Turdakov, Denis Accuracy estimate and optimization techniques for SimRank computation VLDB Journal Volume 19 2010 [31]
Lawler, C. Action research as a congruent methodology for understanding wikis: the case of Wikiversity Journal of Interactive Media in Education 2008 [32] / [33]
Zhou, Aoying; Zhang, Rong; Qian, Weining; Vu, Quang Hieu & Hu, Tianming Adaptive indexing for content-based search in P2P systems Data and Knowledge Engineering Volume 67 2008 [34]
Jordan, Chris & Watters, Carolyn Addressing gaps in knowledge while reading Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology Volume 60 2009 [35]
Konieczny, Piotr Adhocratic Governance in the Internet Age: A Case of Wikipedia Journal of Information Technology \& Politics Volume 7 2010 [36]
Halavais, A. & Lackaff, D. An analysis of topical coverage of Wikipedia Journal of Computer Mediated Communication Volume 13 2008
Thelmadatter, L. Becoming a Part of a "Community" Online in Order to Acquire Language Skills MEXTESOL Journal Volume 32 Number 1 2008
Rahman, M. An Analysis of Wikipedia JITTA : Journal of Information Technology Theory and Application Volume 9 Pages 81 2008

Stokes, N; Li, Y; Moffat, A & Rong, JW An empirical study of the effects of NLP components on Geographic IR performance INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION SCIENCE Volume 22 2008 [37]
Friedlin, Jeff & McDonald, Clement J An evaluation of medical knowledge contained in Wikipedia and its use in the LOINC database Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association: JAMIA Volume 17 2010 [38]
Ha, Jae Kyung & Kim, Yong-Hak An Exploration on On-line Mass Collaboration: focusing on its motivation structure. International Journal of Social Sciences Volume 4 2009
Francke, H. & Sundin, O. An inside view: credibility in Wikipedia from the perspective of editors Information Research Volume 15 2010

Iba, Takashi; Nemoto, Keiichi; Peters, Bernd & Gloor, Peter A. Analyzing the Creative Editing Behavior of Wikipedia Editors: Through Dynamic Social Network Analysis Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences Volume 2 2010 [39]
Kinsella, Sheila; Breslin, John G.; Passant, Alexandre & Decker, Stefan Applications of Semantic Web Methodologies and Techniques to Social Networks and Social Websites Reasoning Web 2008 [40]
Tann, Chadwyn & Sanderson, Mark Are web-based informational queries changing? Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology Volume 60 2009 [41]
Ferriter, Meghan M Arguably the Greatest": Sport Fans and Communities at Work on Wikipedia" Sociology of Sport Journal Volume 26 2009
Chen, Ching-Jung Art history: a guide to basic research resources Collection Building Volume 28 2009 [42]

Turdakov, D.Yu. & Kuznetsov, S.D. Automatic word sense disambiguation based on document networks Programming and Computer Software Volume 36 2010 [43]

Pamkowska, M. Autopoiesis in virtual organizations Informatica Economica Volume 12 2008
George, A. Avoiding tragedy in the wiki-commons Virginia Journal of Law and Technology Volume 12 2007 [44]
Jr., Joseph M. Reagle Be Nice": Wikipedia norms for supportive communication" New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia Volume 16 Pages 01/02/2011 2010 [45]
Achterman, D. Beyond Wikipedia? Teacher Librarian Volume 34 2006 [46]
Haider, J. & Sundin, O. Beyond the legacy of the Enlightenment? Online encyclopaedias as digital heterotopias First Monday Volume 15 2010
Shachaf, Pnina & Hara, Noriko Beyond vandalism: Wikipedia trolls Journal of Information Science Volume 36 2010 [47]
Hwang, Heasoo; Balmin, Andrey; Reinwald, Berthold & Nijkamp, Erik BinRank: Scaling dynamic authority-based search using materialized subgraphs IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering Volume 22 2010 [48]

Xiang, Evan Wei; Cao, Bin; Hu, Derek Hao & Yang, Qiang Bridging domains using world wide knowledge for transfer learning IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering Volume 22 2010 [49]
Cantador, Ivan; Konstas, Ioannis & Jose, Joemon M. Categorising Social Tags to Improve Folksonomy-based Recommendations Web Semantics: Science, Services and Agents on the World Wide Web Pages Accepted Manuscript 2010
Ratkiewicz, Jacob; Fortunato, Santo; Flammini, Alessandro; Menczer, Filippo & Vespignani, Alessandro Characterizing and modeling the dynamics of online popularity Physical Review Letters Volume 105 2010 [50]
Korosec, L; Limacher, P A; Luthi, H P & Brandle, M P Chemical Information Media in the Chemistry Lecture Hall: A Comparative Assessment of Two Online Encyclopedias CHIMIA 2010
Shaw, Donna Citing Wikipedia. American Journalism Review Volume 30 Pages 43 2008
Guo, Tao; Schwartz, D.G.; Burstein, F. & Linger, H. Codifying collaborative knowledge: using Wikipedia as a basis for automated ontology learning Knowledge Management Research \& Practice Volume 7 2009 [51]

Tumlin, M; Harris, SR; Buchanan, H; Schmidt, K & Johnson, K Collectivism vs. individualism in a wiki world: Librarians respond to Jaron Lanier's essay Digital Maoism: The Hazards of the New Online Collectivism"" SERIALS REVIEW Volume 33 2007 [52]

Poderi, G. Comparing featured article groups and revision patterns correlations in Wikipedia First Monday Volume 14 2009
Stone, B.; Dennis, S. & Kwantes, P. J. Comparing Methods for Single Paragraph Similarity Analysis Topics in Cognitive Science 2010 [53]
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Liao, Han-Teng Conflict and consensus in the Chinese version of Wikipedia IEEE Technology and Society Magazine Volume 28 2009 [57]
Letia, Mihai; Preguica, Nuno & Shapiro, Marc Consistency without concurrency control in large, dynamic systems SOSP Workshop on Large Scale Distributed Systems and Middleware (LADIS)Volume 44 2010 [58]
Madison, MJ; Frischmann, BM & Strandburg, KJ Constructing Commons in the Cultural Environment Cornell Law Review, volume 95 2010 [59]
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Urdaneta, Guido; Pierre, Guillaume & van Steen, Maarten Corrigendum to Wikipedia workload analysis for decentralized hosting [Computer Networks 53 (11) (2009) 1830-1845] (DOI:10.1016/j.comnet.2009.02.019) Computer Networks Volume 54 2010 [60]
Maracke, Catharina Creative Commons International The International License Porting Project jipitec Volume 1 2010 [61]
Hoorn, E. & van Hoorn, D. Critical assessment of using wikis in legal education JILT-Journal of Information Law & Technology 2008
Hara, Noriko; Shachaf, Pnina & Hew, Khe Foon Cross-cultural analysis of the Wikipedia community Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology Volume 61 2010 [62]
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Daughton, Suzanne M. Cursed with self-awareness": gender-bending subversion Pages Women's Studies in Communication 2010
Birbal, Ria; Maharajh, Hari D; Birbal, Risa; Clapperton, Maria; Jarvis, Johnathan; Ragoonath, Anushka & Uppalapati, Kali Cybersuicide and the adolescent population: challenges of the future? International Journal of Adolescent Medicine and Health Volume 21 2009 [66]
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Characteristics, Generativity

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Conference presentations and papers[edit]

See also: Wikimania and WikiSym conference series
This table is sortable.
Authors Title Conference / published in Year Online Notes Abstract Keywords
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Marinova, Maya and Atanassova, Vassia
  • Bulgarian (original): Иновации във висшето образование: Опитът с Уикипедия
  • English: Innovations in Higher Education: The Wikipedia Experience
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CIKM 2008

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Google tech talk
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