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Wikipedia is a source of information. Wikipedia is one of the world's top sources of information, and people come to Wikipedia to look for information. For this reason, it is important that Wikipedia be user-friendly and easy to find information.

Ways to make navigation easy[edit]

In order to prevent others from guessing:

  • Provide links of important words and phrases to other pages that better explain their meaning. Links can be provided by placing the word of phrase in brackets [[like this]]. If the word or phrase is not exactly like the title of the article and does not redirect to it either, it can be linked like this: [[Title of target article|word or phrase displayed on page]].
  • Various templates, called navboxes can be used to list and link relevant articles to one another.
  • Lists can be created that list related articles.
  • Disambiguation pages can be used to list articles bearing the same or similar titles. If the plain title is used for a most common use of the term, that page should have a link at the top (known as a hatnote) to link to the disambiguation page.