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In their tenures as Wikipedia editors, some people have likened Wikipedia to pie. This is a huge mistake, on the scale of climbing the Reichstag dressed as Spider-Man. It's actually worse than being an angry mastodon. Wikipedia is assuredly not pie.

The differences between Wikipedia and pie[edit]

  • Wikipedia is not edible, unlike pie. Pie is not editable, unlike Wikipedia.
  • Pie has fillings of various flavors. Wikipedia does not have flavored filling... Like cherry filling... mmm...
  • Pie can be made from various store-bought ingredients. Wikipedia is made by the use of free time by various computer users.
  • Pie is made in an oven. Go ahead, try putting Wikipedia into an oven. You can't, can you?
  • Pie is a physical object. Wikipedia exists in the Internet (actually, on servers, but we won't go there).
  • Pie has a delicious crust. Wikipedia does not.
  • Wikipedia has loads of useful articles on various topics. Pie has no information at all, since it is just food.
  • Wikipedia has generated controversy over allegedly inaccurate content. Pie usually gets eaten before people can debate its accuracy.
  • The smell of pie brings back nostalgic memories of your childhood. Wikipedia does not have a scent and is therefore unlikely to bring back nostalgic memories of your childhood.
  • You can throw pies at people. You can't throw Wikipedia anywhere.

Handy guide[edit]

This is a handy guide to tell whether something is Wikipedia or pie:

Wikipedia/Pie identification guide
Cherry pie with lattice top, April 2006.jpg