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Please add information and your experiences on any PDA model/browser combination not listed below. One model per section, one listing per model/browser combination. For information on WAP access, please see Wikipedia:WAP access.

Palm Zire 72/72s[edit]

  • Model: Palm Zire 72, Palm Zire 72s (identical except for case colour)
  • OS: Palm OS 5.2.8
  • Browser: Novarra Web Pro 3.5
  • Wikipedia usability: very good for reading, editing and images
  • Problems: No UTF-8, can only be used with languages that work in 7-bit ASCII (e.g. en:)

I found this highly usable with Graffiti 2. Readable text, good images, editing is quite usable - David Gerard 00:28, 4 December 2005 (UTC)

Palm Tungsten C[edit]

  • Model: Palm Tungsten C
  • OS: Palm OS 5.2.1
  • Browser: PalmSource Web Browser 2.0 [1]
  • Wikipedia usability: unusable.
  • Problems: Unreadably misrendered text.

Web Browser 2.0 is unusable because the text is horribly misrendered. This is terribly disappointing because otherwise the Tungsten C is a really nice portable WiFi device. You can buy an upgrade to Web Pro 3.5, which I assume will alleviate the problem - David Gerard 00:28, 4 December 2005 (UTC)

Palm Tungsten T5[edit]

  • Model: Palm Tungsten T5
  • OS: Palm OS 5.3?
  • Browser: Blazer
  • Wikipedia usability: difficult.
  • Problems: Only works in wide-screen mode (crashed T5 in portrait mode).

It's all there but a readable font leads to the article being squashed in a narrow column and a corrospondingly long page length. Unfortunately, the navigation sidebars on the left occupy a lot of the available display width, so it could be improved substantially if their location was configurable. I didn't try all the configuration options in Blazer so maybe there are ome improvements I could make, Alternatively, someone else recommended TomeRaider to me. Astronaut 01:27, 12 August 2007 (UTC)

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