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We are always in need of contributors with the skills to create detailed and accurate maps. To appear on this list you must be a Wikipedian who has contributed your own work (maps) to the project. Please include a link to your User page and also to a Wiki gallery of your work, if you maintain one. Add yourself in lexicographic order and please keep any comments very short. If you are willing to respond to requests for maps from other Wikipedians, please indicate this in the listing.

Wikipedian Gallery Specialties / comments
52 Pickup yes Historical location maps, currently working on former European states.
Ahoerstemeier list Concentrating on maps of Thailand
Arab League yes Asian and North Equatorial African Maps, preparing some South American Maps, willing to respond to requests for maps from other Wikipedians.
Aude yes Location and thematic maps of the U.S. and Canada, using GIS (especially NYC, Washington, D.C., and maybe national parks)
Bohunk not yet British Columbia, Canada; Specialize in GIS, BC, Sattelite Imagery, Airphotos, Soil surveys, Cloropleth maps about anything.
Briangotts yes
Bumm13 project Rambot US city articles (WA, NV, DE, WI, N. CA in progress).
Catbar project Rambot US city locator maps (MO, AZ, OH, LA, KS, AR, MN)
CBessert no Specializes on highways in Michigan.
ChrisO not yet Have produced numerous country and regional maps. I was responsible for negotiating an agreement with the United Nations to use modified versions of their maps on Wikipedia (see Template talk:UN map).
Citynoise see user page Statistical maps, Historical maps (especially boundary disputes), general physical geography. I happily take requests.
CommKing Yes Islands, the poles, and especially the Pacific Ocean. Will accept any request, however.
Daanschr no Trying to create a historical atlas.
dbenbenn yes Maps from data.
Emilfaro user page World maps by various criteria.
Fabienkhan yes Mostly Central Asia and historical maps, requests welcome. try to see fr:Wikipédia:Atelier graphique/Cartes
Fay2 on user page Requests welcome.
Hcheney list Strictly New Jersey political subdivisions.
Hexagon1 No, and don't expect one either. Whatever is needed, mostly through combining, mixing and subdividing other maps, though I have created a few myself too.
Jacob Rus at user page Southern Mexico, anything else.
Jniemenmaa yes Finnish maps.
Justin Morris yes Utah Maps
Jza84 yes Local British maps.
Kbh3rd yes Shaded relief topographic maps, requests welcome.
Kelisi yes If you'd like a map made for an article, I'll give it a try.
Kermanshahi no Specializes on Middle Eastern and European maps.
Kmusser yes Currently working on rivers; will take requests.
Kuru yes Texas hydrology (lake,river) maps; can do requests for other US states.
Lupin yes
MapMaster yes Specialising in historical maps that show key locations, movements, changes highlighted in the article. Will take requests.
Morwen list Turns raster maps into stylised raster maps.
NormanEinstein yes I like making maps. It's fun and nice to have little images to go along with the great articles people write.
NantonosAedui Not yet Gallo-Roman archaeology
Ojw yes Working on OpenStreetMap
PANONIAN 01, 02, 03,04 Maps of Balkans, Central Europe, Caucasus, Eastern Europe, etc.
Petercorless Yes Working on War in Somalia (2006–present).
Plutor not yet Working on Connecticut.
Prolific yes Please visit my Talk page to request wikipedia maps or diagrams, I generally accept all requests.
Qyd yes Canada (mostly western), Cuba.
Ram-Man yes Rambot US city articles in Pennsylvania
Rarelibra yes Over 600+ maps created. Focus on administrative subdivisions . Always open to requests.
redjar list Primarily US state Vermont
rmhermen list Mainly locator maps for protected areas; requests welcome
Seav list
Seth Ilys project Currently creating locator maps for Rambot US city articles.
SPUI yes Transportation facilities, mainly roads and railroads.
Stratosphere no Specializes in United States road maps.
Targeman not yet Created map on US dollar, any similar requests welcome
Vardion list
Vsion yes Singapore, requests welcome
waypoints no Accepts requests for thematic or location maps for Wikipedia articles.
Willtron yes svg maps, Aragon, Spain, linguistic maps.
Yu Ninjie yes East Asia, particularly relating to Chinese history.

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