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This page lists Wikipedia editors who are the subject of a Wikipedia article. Descriptions of editors below should be brief and without wikilinks.

Editors are strongly discouraged from creating or editing articles about themselves; see the conflict of interest guideline for more information.

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The list[edit]


Isaac AbellaIdabella123 (talk · contribs
Professor of Physics at The University of Chicago. Not active.
Brian ActonBrianacton (talk · contribs)
American social media entrepreneur/programmer
Scott AdamsDilguy (talk · contribs
American cartoonist of Dilbert and writer. Not active.
Mark AdlerDradler (talk · contribs
American mathematician, physicist, and computer scientist best known for work in data compression.
Gerry AlanguilanKomikero (talk · contribs
Filipino comic book artist and writer. Not active.
Johnny AlegreBuszmail (talk · contribs
Filipino musician.
Amir AlexanderAmiralexander (talk · contribs
Israeli historian; not active
Jim Al-KhaliliPhs1ja (talk · contribs
Iraqi British theoretical physicist author and broadcaster
Ted AllenTedrallen (talk · contribs
Queer Eye for the Straight Guy star and journalist. Not active.
Harald Tveit AlvestrandAlvestrand (talk · contribs
Norwegian computer scientist.
Evan AmosEvan-Amos (talk · contribs
American video gaming photographer
Kurt AndersenKbandersen (talk · contribs
Magazine editor and radio producer/host. Not active.
Anvar ChingizogluEnver62 (talk · contribs
Azerbaijani historian; not active
Ashkanov ApollonAshkaninho (talk · contribs
American soccer player.
Marty AppelMartyappel (talk · contribs
Baseball writer. Not active.
Steffan AndrewsLapinJ (talk · contribs
Television composer.
Kwame Anthony AppiahKAAppiah (talk · contribs
Philosopher and author. Not active.
Araz YaguboghluAraz Yaquboglu (talk · contribs
Azerbaijani researcher, poet and journalist.
Arnold ArreArncyn (talk · contribs
Filipino comic book writer and artist. Not active.
Debito ArudouArudoudebito (talk · contribs
Japanese author and activist. Not active
Pete AshdownPashdown (talk · contribs
Internet entrepreneur. In 2006, ran for U.S. Senator from Utah. Not active.
Erik Ian AsphaugErik Asphaug (talk · contribs
Astronomer. Not active.
Loyd AuerbachLoyd Auerbach (talk · contribs
Parapsychologist, stage performer of magic, author. Not active.
Andrew AuernheimerWeev_4real (talk · contribs
An American hacktivist, Internet troll and neo-Nazi. Blocked.
Jerry AvenaimJerry Avenaim (talk · contribs
American photographer known for images of celebrities. Not active.
Dionysia-Theodora AvgerinopoulouAvgerinopoulou Dionysia-Theodora (talk · contribs) and Avgerinopoulou (talk · contribs
Greek politician
Ron AvitzurRonAvitzur (talk · contribs


John C. BaezJohn Baez (talk · contribs
Mathematical physicist.
Alice BagAlicebag (talk · contribs
American punk rocker.
Nicholson BakerWageless (talk · contribs
Novelist and critic.
Ann BannonAnn Bannon (talk · contribs
Writer, academic. Not active.
Paul BarbeauPaul Barbeau (talk · contribs
Canadian film maker.
Jorn BargerRobotwisdom (talk · contribs
Blogging pioneer, coined the term "weblog."
Grant BarrettGrantBarrett (talk · contribs
American lexicographer, host of public radio's syndicated A Way with Words.
Stephen BarrettSbinfo (talk · contribs
Webmaster of Quackwatch, American physician critical of alternative medicine.
Jason Barry-SmithJason Barry-Smith (talk · contribs
Opera singer.
Leo BaxendaleLeo Baxendale (talk · contribs)
Comics artist at DC Thomson and Fleetway.
Jeffrey Beall - Denverjeffrey (talk · contribs)
Librarian at Auraria Library and associate professor at University of Colorado, Denver.
Jon-Erik BeckjordBeckjord (talk · contribs
Paranormal investigator and photographer, died in 2008.
Carl Bell (physician) - Carlcbellmd (talk · contribs
American psychiatrist.
Gordon BellCgordonbell (talk · contribs
Computer scientist; Turing award winner.
Aaron Ben-Ze'evAaronbz (talk · contribs
Israeli philosopher.
Medea Benjaminmedeabenjamin (talk · contribs)
U.S. political activist, founder of Code Pink and Global Exchange.
Natalie BennettNatalieben (talk · contribs)
Australian–British politician and the leader of the Green Party of England and Wales
Chip BerletCberlet (talk · contribs
American investigative journalist and author.
Tim Berners-LeeTimbl (talk · contribs
The inventor of the World Wide Web.
Justin BerryJustinBerry (talk · contribs
American teenage webcam pornographer, subject of a New York Times article.
Ben BestBenbest (talk · contribs
President/CEO of the Cryonics Institute and activist in cryonics and life extension advocacy.
Theodore C. BestorTed Bestor (talk · contribs) and Tedsushi (talk · contribs
American anthropologist.
Volodymyr BiletskyyБілецький В.С. (talk · contribs
Ukrainian scientist, politician, activist, etc.
Stanley BingLazenby (talk · contribs
Columnist for Fortune magazine.
Cindy BlackstockCblackst (talk · contribs
Canadian activist for child welfare
Yaroslav BlanterYmblanter (talk · contribs
Russian Physicist. Highly active prolific contributor on several WMF projects.
Andy BlochAndyBloch (talk · contribs
American professional poker player.
Mitchell BlockMwblock (talk · contribs
American filmmaker.
C. George BoereeCgboeree (talk · contribs
Creator of the constructed language Lingua Franca Nova.
Igor Bogdanov (Bogdanov Affair) — Igor B. (talk · contribs
Co-creator of published but controversial study on the Big Bang.
Derrick BostromDbostrom (talk · contribs)
Drummer and founding member of Meat Puppets.
Jonathan BowenJpbowen (talk · contribs)
Computer Science professor at London South Bank University.
Jason BoxJasonebox (talk · contribs
Glaciologist and expert on Greenland.
Joshua BoyleSherurcij (talk · contribs
Canadian hostage held in Afghanistan from 2012 to 2017.[1]
Walter J. BoyneWboyne (talk · contribs)
Pilot, author, National Aviation Hall of Famer.
Tim BrayTimBray (talk · contribs
One of the creators of XML and employee of Sun Microsystems.
Jim BreenJimbreen (talk · contribs
Japanese-language researcher.
Anders Behring BreivikConservatism (talk · contribs
Norwegian terrorist.
Fredrick BrennanFredrickBrennan (talk · contribs
American software developer. Creator of 8chan.
Shane BriantShane Briant (talk · contribs
British-Australian actor and novelist.
Poppy Z. BritePzbrite (talk · contribs
American author. Edits own article.
Adam BromleyAdamjamesbromley (talk · contribs
British radio producer. Edits articles related to shows he works on.
Aaron Brown (financial author)AaCBrown (talk · contribs
American Finance Professor, author and quant.
Sheldon Brown (bicycle mechanic)Sheldon Brown (talk · contribs
Bicycle mechanic. Died February 4, 2008
Ed BrubakerEd Brubaker (talk · contribs
American comic book writer.
Kevin BurdetteBurdettekevin (talk · contribs
Bass opera singer. Not active.
Mark Burgess (children's author)Marcus civis (talk · contribs
Children's author
Daniel BurtonDanpburton (talk · contribs
Polar explorer
Sharon Dahlonega Raiford Bush37Celcius (talk · contribs
American television newscaster and print journalist
Patrick M. ByrnePatrickByrne (talk · contribs founder & CEO
Osman Khalid ButtOsmankbutt (talk · contribs
Pakistani actor


Rogers CadenheadRcade (talk · contribs
Technology author.
Joseph A. CafassoPeppetters (talk · contribs
Former Fox News Counterterrorism & Military Editor.
Paxus CaltaPaxuscalta (talk · contribs
Anti-nuclear activist.
Ramsey CampbellRamsey Campbell (talk · contribs
English horror fiction author, editor and critic.
T. Colin Campbelltcc1 (talk · contribs
Nutritionist and author.
David CampitiDavidcampiti (talk · contribs
Writer and publisher
James CantorJames Cantor (talk · contribs
Professional sex researcher.
Maximum CapacityMaxcapacity (talk · contribs
Professional wrestler. Died in 2014.
Edward CaraballoHonest1too (talk · contribs
Photojournalist recently released from an Afghan prison.
Manuel CardonaCardonaUSA (talk · contribs
Andrew CarnieAndrewCarnie (talk · contribs
Lee CarrollLcarroll (talk · contribs
New Age channeller, speaker and author of Indigo children books.
Bryce CaseYtcracker (talk · contribs
Former computer hacker turned Nerdcore hip hop performer.
Ian CastlesIan Castles (talk · contribs
Economic commentator and former Australian Statistician.
Charles CecilCharcecil (talk · contribs
Game designer and co-founder of Revolution Software.
Mike CejkaMcejka (talk · contribs
Television meteorologist at WIVB-TV. Not active.
Christopher Cerf (musician and television producer)ChrisCerf (talk · contribs
Author, composer-lyricist, and record and television producer.
CGP GreyCGPGrey (talk · contribs
Educational YouTube Video maker.
Paul "ReDeYe" ChalonerRedeye27 (talk · contribs)
eSports commentator, caster, and program host, created own page and currently not active
Caleb Chan - Cc21002 (talk · contribs
Television series composer.
Ken ChantKdchant (talk · contribs
Australian Pentecostal pastor, author and educator.
Kyle ChapmanNZTrooper (talk · contribs
New Zealand fascist.
Suw Charman-AndersonMinxette (talk · contribs
Journalist, writer, consultant, campaigner
Rimi B. ChatterjeeRimibchatterjee (talk · contribs
Indian novelist and academic.
Noel ChiappaJnc (talk · contribs
Internet pioneer. An early and very active Wikipedian who gave up on the project after a dispute involving his area of expertise.
Atul ChitnisAchitnis (talk · contribs
Consulting technologist.
Ward ChristensenWardXmodem (talk · contribs
Founder of CBBS, the first bulletin board system.
Neil CicieregaTrapezzoid (talk · contribs
Internet personality, comedian, filmmaker and musician.
Haris CizmicHariscizmic (talk · contribs
Designer, musician.
John Clark (actor/director)JohnClarknew (talk · contribs
Actor/director and ex-husband and manager of Lynn Redgrave.
Tom Coates (technologist)Tecoates (talk · contribs
Blogger, computer technician and journalist.
Keith CodeKeith code (talk · contribs
Motorcycle racer, instructor, and author.
Noam CohenChomsky1 (talk · contribs
American journalist and author.
Steve Cohen (magician)Chambermagic (talk · contribs
Loren ColemanCryptozoo (talk · contribs
Cryptozoologist and author.
Steve ColemanMbase1235 (talk · contribs
Jazz musician.
Finghin CollinsFinghin (talk · contribs
Irish pianist.
William ConnolleyWilliam M. Connolley (talk · contribs
Climate modeller and scientist.
David Conway (music historian)Smerus (talk · contribs
Music historian.
Maryann CorbettMaryannz (talk · contribs
Tina CornelyTinacornely (talk · contribs
American philanthropist.
Kimberley CornishKimberley Cornish (talk · contribs
Author of the The Jew of Linz, and speaker at Holocaust denial conference.
Colby CoshCosh (talk · contribs
National Post Columnist.
Alan CoxAlanCox (talk · contribs
Programmer heavily involved in the development of the Linux kernel since its early days in 1991.
Alex CoxAlexcox (talk · contribs
Film director and writer. Not active.
Nikki CraftNikkicraft (talk · contribs
Naturist activist turned feminist blogger and occasional lecturer.
Kathryn CramerPleasantville (talk · contribs
Science Fiction editor.
Lee Daniel CrockerLee Daniel Crocker (talk · contribs
Computer programmer, known for rewriting the software upon which Wikipedia runs.
Mark CubanMcuban (talk · contribs
Entrepreneur and owner of the Dallas Mavericks. Not active.
Ward CunninghamWardCunningham (talk · contribs)
Constance CumbeyCumbey (talk · contribs
Former national officer for the National Association of Women Lawyers, New Age Christian author.
Richard CytowicCytowic (talk · contribs
Neuroscientist and author noted for rediscovering synesthesia.


Luis Da Silva - Luisdasilvajr (talk · contribs
American basketball player and actor.
Mark DacascosHapaohana7 (talk · contribs
American actor and martial artist.
Andrew DalbyAndrew Dalby (talk · contribs
Writer on language history and food history.
Lisa Daniels (TV presenter)LisaDaniels (talk · contribs
NBC journalist.
Mike DashMikedash (talk · contribs
Welsh writer, journalist and researcher; editor and publisher of the journal Fortean Times.
Joseph DavidovitsJDavidovits (talk · contribs
Materials scientist, inventor of geopolymer chemistry.
Richard DawkinsRichardDawkins (talk · contribs
Biologist and author. Not active.
Felicia DayWatchtheguild (talk · contribs
American actress and creator of The Guild. Not active.
Walter DayWalter_Day (talk · contribs)
 Founder of the US National Video Game team and Twin Galaxies, a video game high score record keeping organization
Daniel DeBourgDanieldb13 (talk · contribs
English pop singer, songwriter, former dancer and model.
Erik DemaineEdemaine (talk · contribs
Associate Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Possibly the youngest professor in the history of MIT.
Thomas DickeyTedickey (talk · contribs
Free software developer.
Christian de QuinceyChristian de Quincey (talk · contribs
Philosopher and New Age author.
Hossein DerakhshanHoder (talk · contribs) Derakhshan (talk · contribs
Iranian-Canadian journalist and weblogger.
Betsy DevineBetsythedevine (talk · contribs
Journalist, author and blogger.
Florence DevouardAnthere (talk · contribs
Member of Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees.
John Dickerson (journalist)Jfdickerson (talk · contribs
Journalist, CIA leak recipient.
Jonas DiegoJonasdiego (talk · contribs
Filipino comic book artist and writer. Not active.
Oscar van DillenOscar (talk · contribs
Dutch musician and composer; member of Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees.
Cory DoctorowDoctorow (talk · contribs
Author in favor of liberalizing copyright laws.
Hootan DolatiHootandolati (talk · contribs
Iranian politicians and political prisoners
Piotr DomaradzkiBelissarius (talk · contribs
Polish American journalist, essayist and historian; not active.
Mark Jason DominusDominus (talk · contribs
Co-founder of Kibology, acclaimed Perl programmer.
Mike DoughtyMikeydough (talk · contribs
Singer/songwriter, poet.
K. Eric DrexlerEric  Drexler (talk · contribs
Elonka DuninElonka (talk · contribs
Professional game developer, amateur cryptographer, and an expert on the Kryptos sculpture.
Brian Dunning (author)Briandunning (talk · contribs
American writer and producer.
George DvorskyGdvorsky (talk · contribs
Transhumanist writer and speaker.


East Bay Ray — supposedly Dead-kennedys (talk · contribs) and RobertW (talk · contribs
Guitarist and sometime composer and producer with Dead Kennedys.
Richard EbelingRichard Ebeling (talk · contribs
Libertarian author
Roger EbertRebert (talk · contribs
Celebrity film critic, founder of a film festival. Died in 2013.
Andrew EdgeAndreasegde (talk · contribs
English musician.
Nick EganNick Egan (talk · contribs
British visual design artist, and director of music videos, commercials and film.
Ian Eisenberg - Ian Eisenberg (talk · contribs
Seattle businessperson.
Rebecca EisenbergRleise (talk · contribs
American lawyer and writer. Not active.
Elizabeth ElliottLcrippes (talk · contribs
American novelist
Wesley R. ElsberryWesley R. Elsberry (talk · contribs
Marine biologist.
Peter EntwislePeter Entwisle (talk · contribs
Historian, art curator. Died in 2018.
David EppsteinDavid Eppstein (talk · contribs
Computer science professor.
Kelley EskridgeKelleyeskridge (talk · contribs
Science fiction and slipstream writer.
Chris EspinosaCdespinosa (talk · contribs
Longest–serving employee of Apple.
Vyvyan EvansVyvevans (talk · contribs
Daniel EverettPiraha1 (talk · contribs
Linguist who worked extensively on the Pirahã language.
Michael EversonEvertype (talk · contribs
Linguist, typesetter, and font designer, one of the co-authors of the Unicode Standard.
Mikhail EvstafievEvstafiev (talk · contribs
Russian artist, photographer, writer. Not active.
Gunther EysenbachEysen (talk · contribs
Health researcher, academic, and initiator of WebCite.


Jonah FalconJAF1970 (talk · contribs)
Actor and television host.
Rickard FalkvingeFalkvinge (talk · contribs
Founder of the Pirate Party (Sweden).
Paul S. FarmerPaul Stephen Farmer (talk · contribs)
retired British teacher who developed the use of pop music in school music education.
David Farrar (blogger)Dpf (talk · contribs)
New Zealand political activist, blogger, and pollster
Joe FelsensteinFelsenst (talk · contribs
Population biologist and quantitative geneticist.
Edward FeltenEwfelten (talk · contribs
Professor of computer science and public affairs at Princeton University.
David FerrieroDferriero (talk · contribs
Head archivist of the United States
Steven FeuersteinStevenfeuerstein (talk · contribs
PL/SQL expert and author of various books on this subject.
Charles Firth (comedian)Charlesfirth (talk · contribs
Member of Australian political satire team The Chaser.
Amy FisherAmy Fisher (talk · contribs
"Long Island Lolita", porn actor, writer
Leonard Everett FisherLeonardeverett (talk · contribs
Children's book author and illustrator.
Brad FitzpatrickBradfitz (talk · contribs
American programmer, creator of LiveJournal, PicPix, and FreeVote. Not active.
Tom Van FlandernTomvf (talk · contribs
American physicist with nonstandard views on various topics (died on January 9, 2009).
Thea FlaumTheaflaum (talk · contribs
American television producer. Not active.
Brian FlemmingBrianFlemming (talk · contribs
Film director and playwright (Bat Boy: The Musical). Not active.
Michael FloodMichael Flood (talk · contribs
Pro-feminist researcher.
Alan Ford (architect)Mjhalliburton (talk · contribs
American architect.
David Fox (game designer)DavidBFox (talk · contribs
American game designer.
Vanessa FoxVanessafox (talk · contribs
Google product manager and spokeswoman.
Brian D. FoyScarpia (talk · contribs
Publisher and editor of The Perl Review and co-author of Perl books.
Ted FrankTHF (talk · contribs
Lawyer, writer and activist. Retired from editing.
Jimmy FrickeGobboboy (talk · contribs
Professional poker player.


John GaetaJohn gaeta (talk · contribs
Visual effects designer and director (The Matrix trilogy). Not active.
Mordechai GafniAengus66 (talk · contribs)
Former Jewish renewal rabbi.
Richa GangopadhyayRicha320 (talk · contribs)
Indian actress, model and beauty queen.
Kyle GannKylegann (talk · contribs
Composer, music critic for Village Voice.
David Gans (musician)Dgans (talk · contribs
Musician, photographer, radio host of a program about The Grateful Dead and other notable musicians.
Megan GanzQuotesunquotes (talk · contribs
Television comedy writer on Community and Important Things with Demetri Martin.
Timothy Garden, Baron GardenTgarden (talk · contribs
British air marshal, university professor and a Liberal Democrat peer. Deceased.
Sue GardnerSue Gardner (talk · contribs
former Executive Director of the Wikimedia Foundation.
Richard GarfieldAngryangrymouse (talk · contribs
Mathematician and creator of Magic: The Gathering
Simson GarfinkelSimsong (talk · contribs
Researcher and journalist specializing in computer security and privacy.
Bamber GascoigneBamber Gascoigne (talk · contribs
British television presenter and author.
Shad GaspardBkbeast13 (talk · contribs
Professional wrestler, current member of World Wrestling Entertainment.
Rick GatesGatesrick (talk · contribs
Internet pioneer.
David GauntlettDavidgauntlett (talk · contribs
Social scientist.
Susan Gerbicsgerbic (talk · contribs
Anti-pseudoscience activist.
Nat GertlerNatGertler (talk · contribs)
founder of About Comics.
Charlie GillinghamCharlesGillingham (talk · contribs
Keyboardist for the band Counting Crows.
Hannes Hólmsteinn GissurarsonHannes H. Gissurarson (talk · contribs
Icelandic political theorist and author.
Russell Glasserkazim27 (talk · contribs
Co-host of The Atheist Experience
Louise GloverLouiseglover (talk · contribs
British glamour model.
Mike GodwinMGodwin (talk · contribs
American attorney, director of Public Knowledge, former general counsel for Wikimedia Foundation.
Bernard GoldbergBernardgoldberg (talk · contribs
American writer, journalist, and political commentator. Not active.
Marv GoldbergMarvy42 (talk · contribs
Writer and music historian in the field of rhythm & blues (R&B). Not active.
Scott GoldblattSgoldblatt (talk · contribs
U.S. Olympic gold medalist in swimming (2004).
Scott GoodsonScottgoodson (talk · contribs
Canadian advertising agent.
Anton GoosenAntongoosen (talk · contribs
South African musician and songwriter.
Al Gordon (comics)Albabe (talk · contribs
Comic book creator, inker and writer.
Stephen P. GordonStephenGordon (talk · contribs
Libertarian Party activist and employee.
Gennady GorelikGgorelik (talk · contribs
Russian physicist and philosopher.
Bill GosperBill Gosper (talk · contribs
American mathematician, programmer, and hacker.
Tiffany GrantTifGrant (talk · contribs
American voice actress. Not active.
Richard Grayson (academic)Rsgrayson (talk · contribs
Professor of Twentieth Century History at Goldsmiths, University of London; not active
Antony GreenAntonyGreen (talk · contribs
Australian Broadcasting Corporation election analyst.
Jack Greenberg (lawyer)Jack Greenbergx (talk · contribs
Law professor, former NAACP counsel, and dean of Columbia College. Died October 12, 2016.
Andriy GrechyloHerald63 (talk · contribs
Ukrainian historian, heraldist and vexillologist.
Sasha GreyMadjabuds (talk · contribs
Pornography star. Not active.
John GruberJohngruber (talk · contribs
Technology writer. Not active.
Patrick GuinnessPatrickGuinness (talk · contribs
Historian and lecturer; not active
Ciaran GultnieksCiaranG (talk · contribs
Computer games programmer from Yorkshire.
Devon GummersallDevgum (talk · contribs
American actor, writer, and television and film director.
Mark GuzdialGuzdial (talk · contribs
Interactive computing Professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology.


Paul Hackett (politician)PaulHackett (talk · contribs) and Paul Hackett (talk · contribs)
An anti-Iraq war activist and a former U.S. congressional candidate.
Bernard HaischHaisch (talk · contribs
Fringe physicist and paranormal researcher.
Justin HallJustinHall (talk · contribs
Early weblogger.
Chuck HardwickHardwc (talk · contribs
Former Speaker of New Jersey General Assembly, former Vice President of Pfizer.
Henry HardyHenry Hardy (talk · contribs
British editor noted for his work on Isaiah Berlin.
Stevan HarnadHarnad (talk · contribs
cognitive scientist and activist for animal rights and open access
Paul HartalPaul Hartal (talk · contribs
Canadian painter and poet.
Martin HaspelmathHaspelmath (talk · contribs
German linguist.
Hamid HassaniHamidhassani1 (talk · contribs
Iranian scholar, lexicographer, and editor.
Owen HatherleyOwenhatherley (talk · contribs
British architecture journalist.
John HaughmJhaughm (talk · contribs
Musician best known as the frontman of Agalloch. Not active.
Tilman HausherrTilman (talk · contribs
Software developer, critic of Scientology.
Patrick Nielsen HaydenPnh (talk · contribs
Science fiction editor.
James HeilmanDoc James (talk · contribs
Emergency medicine doctor.
Jack HerrickJackHerrick (talk · contribs
Founder of WikiHow.
Tony HendraAnthonyhendra (talk · contribs
British satirist, actor and writer. Not active.
Phil HendriePhil Hendrie (talk · contribs
Radio talk show host. Not active.
Keith HensonHkhenson (talk · contribs
American engineer and writer.
Carl HewittProf. Carl Hewitt (talk · contribs
Computer scientist and professor
Hugo HeyrmanDr. Hugo (talk · contribs
Belgian artist. (NB: this user wrote a significant portion of his article).
Peter HitchensClockback (talk · contribs
Conservative British author, journalist and broadcaster.
Sam HocevarSam Hocevar (talk · contribs
Programmer, Debian Project Leader and former WikiMedia France board member.
John HodgmanHodgman (talk · contribs
Author and Television personality. Not active.
Ron HollowayRonsax (talk · contribs
American saxophonist. (This user wrote the majority of his biography here).
Carl F. HostetterAelfwine (talk · contribs
American Tolkienian linguist and computer scientist.
Kenny HotzKennyhotz (talk · contribs
Canadian actor, director, and producer. Creator and co-star of television show Kenny vs. Spenny.
John Humphreys (economist)John humphreys (talk · contribs
Australian economist and libertarian activist.
Peter L. HurdPete.Hurd (talk · contribs
Canadian professor of psychology.


Miguel de (talk · contribs
software developer known for starting GNOME and Mono
Mansoor IjazMansoor Ijaz (talk · contribs
Pakistani-American venture financier, hedge-fund manager and freelance diplomat
Grant ImaharaGrantimahara (talk · contribs
Electrical engineer and cast member on Mythbusters. Not active.
Charles IngramThreaders (talk · contribs
Contestant convicted of cheating on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?.
Kylie IrelandKylieireland (talk · contribs
Adult film producer and actress. Not active.
Joi ItoJoi (talk · contribs
Activist, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist
Lyubomir Ivanov (explorer)Apcbg (talk · contribs
Bulgarian scientist, non-governmental activist, and Antarctic explorer


Ian JacksonIjackson (talk · contribs
Software developer.
Alex JacobowitzAlexjacobowitz (talk · contribs
Klezmer musician.
Jim JagielskiJimjag (talk · contribs
Software engineer. Not active.
Andrea JamesJokestress (talk · contribs
American actress and transgender activist.
Xeni JardinXenijardin (talk · contribs
Weblogger (Boing Boing) and journalist.
William H. JefferysBilljefferys (talk · contribs
American astronomer.
Rick JelliffeRick Jelliffe (talk · contribs
Australian programmer and standards activist.
Tom JenningsTom.jennings (talk · contribs
Creator of FidoNet.
Richard J. JensenRjensen (talk · contribs
Historian; creator of H-Net
Mary Lou JepsenMljmlj (talk · contribs
Chief Technology Officer of One Laptop per Child.
Cory JohnsonCoryjohn (talk · contribs
American journalist.
J. Hunter JohnsonJHunterJ (talk · contribs
American author and game designer.
Jonathan A. JonesJonathan A Jones (talk · contribs
Oxford University physicist.
Ryan JordanEssjay (talk · contribs
Gained media attention for identity fraud and giving false credentials on Wikipedia.
Brian David JosephsonBrian Josephson (talk · contribs
Nobel Prize winner in physics, and paranormalist.
Raul Julia-LevyRauljulialevy (talk · contribs
Mexican actor


Brewster KahleBrewsterkahle (talk · contribs
American computer engineer, Internet entrepreneur, internet activist, advocate of universal access to all knowledge, and digital librarian
Michio KakuMichiokaku (talk · contribs
string theorist and science popularizer. Not active.
Candye KaneCandyekane (talk · contribs
Blues musician and former porn star.
Mitch KaporMkapor (talk · contribs
Software entrepreneur, designer of keystone business application Lotus 1-2-3.
Michael Howard KayMhkay (talk · contribs
Software engineer, editor of XSLT language specification.
Ryan KarbenRkarben (talk · contribs
New York State politician and lawyer.
Jawed KarimJawed (talk · contribs
Co-founder of YouTube
Phil KarnKarn (talk · contribs
Electrical engineer.
KarunMisskarun (talk · contribs
Kenyan singer, lead vocalist of alternative hip hop group Camp Mulla.
Ana KasparianAnaKasparian (talk · contribs
Armenian American co-host and producer for the online news show The Young Turks.
Janice KawayeJenkawaye (talk · contribs
American voice actress.
Martin KeanCargill208 (talk · contribs
New Zealand musician (bass guitar).
Carrie KeranenCareBearFinn (talk · contribs
American voice actress
Glynn KerrGlynnk (talk · contribs
Motorcycle designer and columnist
Lawrence KestenbaumKestenbaum (talk · contribs
Lawyer, county official, creator of Political Graveyard web site.
Zaynab KhadrZaynab Khadr (talk · contribs
Member of the Khadr family associated with Osama bin Laden.
Philip S. KhouryKhoury (talk · contribs
Professor of Middle Eastern studies.
Uwe KilsKils (talk · contribs
Marine biologist specializing in planktology.
Alan R. KingA R King (talk · contribs
British linguist notable for his work on Basque and Nawat.
David Thomas KingDavid King (talk · contribs
Executive Director of the Public School Boards' Association of Alberta, former Alberta Minister of Education.
Michael King (Project 21)Mhking (talk · contribs
Commentator, columnist and television producer.
Stephan KinsellaNskinsella (talk · contribs
Intellectual property lawyer and legal theorist.
Justin KnappKoavf (talk · contribs
Primarily known for Wikipedia
Alex KoCkalex1996 (talk · contribs
American actor who, at age 13, won the title role in Billy Elliot the Musical.
Nadim KobeissiKaepora~enwiki (talk · contribs
Computer programmer and security researcher.
Vladimir KorepinKorepin (talk · contribs
Russian-American physicist
Alex KonanykhinAKonanykhin (talk · contribs
Russian entrepreneur
Kai A. KonradUnikat55 (talk · contribs
German economist.
Phil KonstantinPhilkon (talk · contribs
American/Cherokee writer and TV reporter
Ihor KostenkoIg2000 (talk · contribs
Ukrainian political activist and journalist, killed during Euromaidan, posthumously awarded Hero of Ukraine title.
Jeff KostoffJkostoff (talk · contribs
Stanley KrippnerSkrippner (talk · contribs
American parapsychologist.
Marc KuchnerMkuchner (talk · contribs
American astrophysicist.
Markus Kuhn (computer scientist)Markus Kuhn (talk · contribs
German computer scientist.
Madura KulatungaMadura Kulatunga (talk · contribs
Developer of Madura English-Sinhala Dictionary.
Greg KuperbergGreg Kuperberg (talk · contribs
American mathematician.


Ryan LackeyRdl (talk · contribs
Entrepreneur and computer security professional.
Geoffrey A. LandisGeoffrey.landis (talk · contribs
Physicist, space scientist, and science fiction writer.
W. Patrick LangIsmoot (talk · contribs
Military, intelligence, and security expert.
Christopher LanganChristopher Langan (talk · contribs
American autodidact measured as one of the smartest people alive in the late 20th early 21st centuries.
Adrian LeeAdrian54321 (talk · contribs
Rock musician with Mike + the Mechanics.
Eric LernerElerner (talk · contribs
Physicist and plasma cosmology advocate.
Lawrence Lessiglessig (talk · contribs
American academic and political activist.
Paul LevineSolomonandlord (talk · contribs
American lawyer and novelist
A. David LewisAdlewis (talk · contribs
Comic book writer.
Blake LeyhBlakeleyh (talk · contribs
Composer of film and TV music.
Andrew LihFuzheado (talk · contribs
Journalism professor; wrote a book on Wikipedia.
Peter van der Linden - Pvdl (talk · contribs
Dutch technologist and author; has written books on Java, C, Linux, and practical jokes.
Chris LintottChrislintott (talk · contribs
Astrophysicist and co-presenter of the BBC series The Sky at Night.
Hugh LoebnerLoebner (talk · contribs
Loebner Prize sponsor, inventor, and social activist
Jean-Marc LofficierJMLofficier (talk · contribs
French-American journalist, comics writer and author of books on film and television.
Tristan LouisTNLNYC (talk · contribs
French author, entrepreneur and blogger.
Yuri LowenthalElyurio (talk · contribs
Anime and video game voice actor.
Paul Lucas (playwright/producer)Pklucas (talk · contribs)
American playwright and producer
Andres LuureAndres (talk · contribs
Estonian philosopher and translator.
Patrick J. LynchPatrick.lynch (talk · contribs
American author, artist, biomedical illustrator, and photographer.
Richard F. LyonDicklyon (talk · contribs
American inventor, scientist, and engineer.


Marion MaddoxMaddoxma (talk · contribs
Australian author, academic, and political commentator.
Ben Mallerbenmaller (talk · contribs
Sports radio personality.
Michael MandibergTheredproject (talk · contribs
Internet artist and college instructor.
Magnus ManskeMagnus Manske (talk · contribs
German biochemist and programmer; developer of one of the first versions of the Wikipedia platform
Steve MannGlogger (talk · contribs
Computer science professor and innovator in the field of wearable computing.
J.P. ManouxJpmanoux (talk · contribs
American voice actor.
Paul MarinoILLRobinson (talk · contribs
Executive director of the Academy of Machinima Arts & Sciences. Not active.
Jean-Pol MartinJeanpol (talk · contribs
Foreign language educator.
Shelly MartinezShellyMartinez (talk · contribs
Mexican American professional wrestler, model and actress.
John MasheyJohnMashey (talk · contribs
American computer scientist.
Rémi MathisRemi Mathis (talk · contribs
French historian, library curator, and free-culture advocate. President of Wikimedia France; not active
Yaron MatrasMadaares (talk · contribs
Linguist specializing in Romani and related languages.
Polly MatzingerPolly matzinger (talk · contribs
American immunologist. Not active.
Jay MaynardJmaynard (talk · contribs
Internet celebrity, software developer, and system administrator.
DeBarra MayoKarateLady (talk · contribs
Trainer and writer on health and fitness.
Adrienne MayorAfmayor (talk · contribs
American historian and folklorist; not active
Laura McCulloughLmccullough (talk · contribs
American poet.
Jonathan McDowell - JonathanMcDowell (talk · contribs
American astrophysicist.
David A. McInteeDavid A McIntee (talk · contribs
Science-fiction author.
Alastair McIntoshAlastair McIntosh (talk · contribs
Scottish writer, academic and activist.
Warwick McKibbinWmckibbin (talk · contribs
Australian economist.
Phil McMullenPtolemyphil (talk · contribs
Magazine editor, music festival organizer.
Lambert MeertensLambert Meertens (talk · contribs
Editor of the Revised ALGOL 68 Report, designer of the ABC programming language.
David MegginsonDpm64 (talk · contribs
Software consultant and developer.
Bertrand MeyerBertrand Meyer (talk · contribs
Developer of the Eiffel programming language. Not active.
Tsvi MisinaiTsvi Misinai (talk · contribs
Computer Scientist, historian and author; not active
Brian C. MitchellBrian c mitchell (talk · contribs
Education consultant, former president of Bucknell University and Washington & Jefferson College
John Cameron MitchellFELIXARD (talk · contribs
Film actor and director.
Stefan MolyneuxStefan molyneux (talk · contribs
Libertarian blogger. Not active.
Erik MonaIquander (talk · contribs
Roleplaying game author and publisher. Not active.
Chris MontgomeryXiphmont (talk · contribs
Founder of the Xiph.Org Foundation, multimedia programmer and open source advocate.
Patsy MoorePatsyMoore (talk · contribs
Singer, songwriter, educator.
Howard MorlandHowardMorland (talk · contribs
American journalist, author and activist.
David J. MorrowDaveymorrow (talk · contribs
Walter MossbergWmossberg (talk · contribs)
Principal technology columnist for the Wall Street Journal. Not active.
Luboš MotlLumidek (talk · contribs
Theoretical physicist working on string theory and quantum gravity.
Markos MoulitsasDailykos (talk · contribs
Liberal blogger, founder of Daily Kos. Indefinite block.
Prithwindra MukherjeeBobClive (talk · contribs
French Indian academic.
Derek Muller1veritasium (talk · contribs
Creator of the YouTube channel Veritasium.
Randall MunroeXkcd (talk · contribs
xkcd webcomic author. Not active.
Chuck MunsonChuck0 (talk · contribs
Anarchist activist in charge of
Ian MurdockIanmurdock (talk · contribs
Founder of Debian.
Alan Myers (translator)Bandalore (talk · contribs
English translator from Russian.


Michael NetzerMichaelNetzer (talk · contribs
Comic book artist.
Jess NevinsJessnevins (talk · contribs
Author and librarian.
Annalee NewitzAnnaleeNewitz (talk · contribs
American journalist and op-ed writer.
Craig NewmarkCnewmark (talk · contribs
Founder of Craigslist. Not active.
Farnell NewtonFarnellnewton (talk · contribs
American composer and jazz trumpeter.
Jakob Nielsen (usability consultant)Jakobnielsen (talk · contribs
Web usability pundit.
Michael NielsenNielsen (talk · contribs
Writer and Academic.
Ronald NobleRKN888 (talk · contribs
Former head of Interpol.
Sandro NocentiniPikkio66 (talk · contribs)
Italian-born artist, living and working in Australia.
Frederick NoronhaFredericknoronha (talk · contribs
Freelance journalist based in India.
Dan NorrisDan Norris MP (talk · contribs
UK Member of Parliament
Ryan NorthRyan North (talk · contribs
Webcomic author and programmer. Not active.
Wendy NorthcuttWendy Wendy (talk · contribs
Overseer of the Darwin Awards.


Charles O'ByrneObyrne1 (talk · contribs
Past Secretary to the Governor (second in command) of New York
Maryscott O'ConnorMaryscottOConnor (talk · contribs
Blogger, creator of website.
David O'List - Davy O'List (talk · contribs
Musician, founder member of The Nice.
John Mark OckerbloomJohnMarkOckerbloom (talk · contribs
Digital library architect and planner at the University of Pennsylvania
Sten OdenwaldOdenwald (talk · contribs
American astronomer, author, and NASA scientist-educator.
Ian OgilvyIanogilvy (talk · contribs
English actor.
Chris Oliver (surgeon)Olivercw (talk · contribs
British surgeon and University of Edinburgh professor
Jonathan OrozcoJonathanOrozco1 (talk · contribs
Mexican footballer.
Rodney OrpheusRodneyorpheus (talk · contribs
Northern Irish musician, record producer, author, lecturer
Marc OstrofskyMarcostrofsky (talk · contribs
dot-com millionaire


Nenad PagonisNenadpagonis (talk · contribs
Greek-Serbian world champion Muay Thai kickboxer.
Stephanie Pakrul aka StephTheGeekStephthegeek (talk · contribs
Canadian blogger who has become a minor television personality. Not active.
Tommy PallottaUb4k (talk · contribs)
American film director and producer.
Kamran PashaKpasha72 (talk · contribs
Screen writer and director.
Hayford PeirceHayford Peirce (talk · contribs
Science fiction and mystery writer.
Christian PiccioliniCpicciolini (talk · contribs
former Skinhead
Sam PitrodaSam.pitroda (talk · contribs
Indian telecommunications exec
Philip PlaitTheBadAstronomer (talk · contribs
Astronomer and writer. Not active.
Ihor PodolchakIhorp (talk · contribs
Ukrainian filmmaker and visual artist.
Marshall PoeMarshallpoe (talk · contribs
American historian; not active
Mike PollockItsamike (talk · contribs
American voice actor
Tim Popetimtree (talk · contribs)
Music video director (most notably for The Cure). Not active.
Shelley PowersShelleyp (talk · contribs
Technology author. Not active.
Vaughan PrattVaughan Pratt (talk · contribs
Computer scientist.
Doug PrudenDoug Pruden (talk · contribs
World record holder for pushups.
Simon PulsiferSimonP (talk · contribs
A major contributor to the English Wikipedia.
Harold E. PuthoffPuthoff (talk · contribs


Manuel L. Quezon IIIGareon (talk · contribs
Filipino writer and television host, currently Undersecretary of the Presidential Communications Group
John QuigginJohn Quiggin (talk · contribs
Australian economist and professor.


RaD Man aka Christian Wirth — Radman1 (talk · contribs
Computer artist and historian; not active
Sheldon RamptonSheldon Rampton (talk · contribs
Editor of public relations-related columns and websites (PR Watch).
Denis RancourtDenis.g.rancourt (talk · contribs
dissident Canadian professor of physics.
Stuart C. Raysoupvector (talk · contribs
American physician-scientist.
Eric S. RaymondEric S. Raymond (talk · contribs
Important figure in the open source movement. Not active.
James F. ReillyJreillyII (talk · contribs
NASA Astronaut. Only edited article about himself.
Jane S. RichardsonDcrjsr (talk · contribs
American biophysicist. Also active on Commons.
Monica RialHellomonichan (talk · contribs
American voice actress.
Charlie Richmond (inventor)Charlierichmond (talk · contribs
Entrepreneur, designer and inventor in theatre sound design.
Mike RiggsScum Lord (talk · contribs
Heavy metal guitarist.
Mike Riley (cartoonist)Mikeriley23 (talk · contribs
American web comic author.
John Elder RobisonJohnElderRobison (talk · contribs
American author and autism rights activist.
Eddie RobsonEddie Robson (talk · contribs)
British writer of Doctor Who spin-offs and books on film.
Howard A. RodmanHoward Rodman (talk · contribs)
American screenwriter, director and educator.
Robert RohdeDragons flight (talk · contribs)
physicist, member of Berkeley Earth climate research
John RomeroRomero (talk · contribs
Video game developer.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, IIIFrankRoosevelt (talk · contribs
American economist, grandson of FDR. Not active.
Mark RosenfelderZompist (talk · contribs
Language creator and blogger.
Nicholas RothNaroth (talk · contribs
American classical pianist and music professor.
Steven RubensteinSlrubenstein (talk · contribs
American anthropologist.
Arthur RubinArthur Rubin (talk · contribs
American mathematician.
Martin RuheMartinruhe (talk · contribs)
German cinematographer.
J. Philippe RushtonRushton2012 (talk · contribs)
Canadian psychologist; not active
Kevin RyderKryder1 (talk · contribs
American radio personality.


Renato M. E. SabbatiniRsabbatini (talk · contribs
Biomedical and computer scientist and writer.
Jason Scott SadofskyJscott (talk · contribs
Creator and maintainer of
Guy Stair SaintyGuyStairSainty (talk · contribs
Heraldist, art dealer and royal genealogist.
Timo SalminenSalminentimo (talk · contribs
Finnish cinematographer.
Lea SalongaMsLeaSalonga (talk · contribs
Filipina singer and Broadway actress.
Mark SaltveitMsalt (talk · contribs)
J. G. SandomSandom (talk · contribs
Businessman and author
Larry SangerLarry Sanger (talk · contribs
Co-founder of Wikipedia, founder of Citizendium.
Tony SantiagoMarine 69-71 (talk · contribs
Puerto Rican historian.
Jack SarfattiJackSarfatti (talk · contribs) See also Category:Suspected Wikipedia sockpuppets of JackSarfatti 
Controversial physicist.
Steven SaylorStevensaylor (talk · contribs
American author of historical novels.
John ScalziScalzi (talk · contribs
Science fiction author and former president of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.
The Scary GuyThescary1 (talk · contribs
United States based motivational speaker.
Paul SchenckPchaim (talk · contribs
Christian political lobbyist.
Andrew SchlaflyAndysch (talk · contribs
American lawyer, teacher, and founder of Conservapedia. Not active.
Michael Q. SchmidtMichaelQSchmidt (talk · contribs
American film and television actor and fine arts model.
Seth SchoenSchoen (talk · contribs
Electronic Frontier Foundation technologist.
Oded SchrammOdedSchramm (talk · contribs
Israeli mathematician. Deceased.
Randal L. SchwartzRandalSchwartz (talk · contribs
Computer author and programming consultant.
Mike Scott (musician)Archieman (talk · contribs
Founder of the band The Waterboys (a Featured Article).
Seedfeeder - Seedfeeder (talk · contribs
Notable editor who provided illustrations for numerous sex acts.
Ehsan SehgalEhsan Sehgal (talk · contribs
Netherlands-based Pakistani author and journalist.
Mike SelinkerMike Selinker (talk · contribs
Game designer.
Daniel J. ShanefieldDaniel Shanefield (talk · contribs
Ceramics engineer.
Alex ShapiroAlexshap (talk · contribs
Musician and composer.
Jonathon SharkeyJonathon The Impaler (talk · contribs
Professional Wrestler and Perennial Candidate
Vipin SharmaVipin K Sharma (talk · contribs
Phil ShawSteam one (talk · contribs
British creator of "extreme ironing".
Jimmy SheaJimsheajr (talk · contribs
American Olympic gold medalist in skeleton.
Tim ShellTimShell (talk · contribs
American internet entrepreneur, member of Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees.
Joel ShermanIcenine378 (talk · contribs
Expert and champion Scrabble player.
Nigel ShortNigel Short (talk · contribs
Chess Grand Master and World Championship challenger.
Michael ShrimptonMichael Shrimpton (talk · contribs
Conspiracy theorist.
Karl ShukerCzbiker (talk · contribs
Cryptozoologist and author.
William ShunnShunn (talk · contribs
Science fiction writer and computer programmer.
Ann SimontonSimonton (talk · contribs
Founder of Media Watch, feminist.
D. C. SimpsonDcsimpson (talk · contribs
Online cartoonist.
Sofya SkyaSofyaskya (talk · contribs
Russian ballerina and actress.
Cameron SlaterJc press sec (talk · contribs
New Zealand-based blogger
Sam SloanSam Sloan (talk · contribs
Chess player and amateur lawyer (orally argued a case in front of the U.S. Supreme Court and won, 9-0). Not active.
R. C. SlocumRSlocum (talk · contribs
American football coach.
Dmitry Nikolayevich Smirnov (composer)Dmitrismirnov (talk · contribs
Russian and British composer.
Jerry E. SmithJerry E. Smith (talk · contribs
Conspiracy theorist, author, ghost writer
Normal Bob SmithNormalbobsmith (talk · contribs
Freelance graphic artist and writer.
Jason SnellJsnell (talk · contribs
Writer and editor specializing in Apple Computer products.
Dave SnowdenSnowded (talk · contribs
Lecturer, consultant and researcher in the field of knowledge management
Rebecca Soler - Rsgraves1 (talk · contribs
Voice actress.
Anton SolomoukhaSolomoukha (talk · contribs)
Artist and photographer. Died in 2015.
David A. SonnenfeldDASonnenfeld (talk · contribs
American sociologist and professor of sociology
Tony SoperTonysoper (talk · contribs
Ornithologist, author and co-founder of the BBC Natural History Unit.
Soulja BoySoulja-Boy (talk · contribs
American rapper, record producer, actor, and entrepreneur.
Benjamin K. SovacoolBksovacool (talk · contribs
energy policy researcher
E. Lee SpenceHunleyFinder (talk · contribs
Pioneer in underwater archaeology.
Diomidis SpinellisDiomidis Spinellis (talk · contribs
Computer scientist.
Richard StallmanRmstallman (talk · contribs
Founder of the Free Software Foundation and author of the General Public License.
Robert David SteeleRobert Steele (talk · contribs
Spy, author and CEO of Open Source Solutions.
Jan van SteenbergenIJzeren Jan (talk · contribs)
Linguist, translator, author of constructed languages.
Richard H. SternPraeceptorIP (talk · contribs
Attorney and law professor, former U.S. Supreme Court law clerk.
Eric A. StillwellEStillwell (talk · contribs
Star Trek author, producer, actor.
John StockwellGoodpaddle (talk · contribs
Highest-ranking CIA officer to ever go public, today runs a boating excursion. Not active.
Billy Marshall StonekingBillyM (talk · contribs
Playwright, filmmaker and teacher.
Galen StrawsonGstrawson (talk · contribs
British philosopher.
Stephen StreaterStephen B Streater (talk · contribs
Co-founder of Eidos Interactive.
Richard StrombackRstromback (talk · contribs
Minor-league hockey player, venture capitalist. Not active.
Kev F SutherlandKevfsutherland (talk · contribs
Comedian and comic strip creator.
Paul SwadelThewilberforces (talk · contribs
Film producer
Don SwaimDonswaim (talk · contribs
CBS radio interviewer of authors.
Aaron SwartzAaronSw (talk · contribs
Writer, hacker, activist, and co-author of the RSS 1.0 specification. Died in 2013.


Adrian Talbott - Antalbott (talk · contribs
ED of U of Chicago Institute of Politics
Audrey TangAutrijus (talk · contribs
Taiwanese free software programmer, leader of the Pugs project to implement the Perl 6 language.
Tom TangoTangotiger (talk · contribs
Ice hockey statistical analyst and sabermetrician.
Terence TaoTeorth (talk · contribs
Australian mathematician.
Emily Temple-WoodKeilana (talk · contribs) aka Emily Temple-Wood (NIOSH) (talk · contribs) (inactive account) 
Medical student. Past Wikipedian in Residence at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.
Larry TeslerTesler (talk · contribs
Computer scientist working in the field of human-computer interaction.
Steven L. ThompsonTtrider87 (talk · contribs)
Author and journalist
William Irwin Thompson - William Irwin Thompson (talk · contribs) also apparently, it seems, Withompson (talk · contribs)
Writer, poet, mystic, cultural critic
Andrew TiteAndrewtite (talk · contribs
Canadian actor.
Carles TorrensCarles Torrens (talk · contribs
Spanish film and television director, screenwriter, editor, and producer.
David S. TouretzkyTouretzky (talk · contribs
Research professor in the Computer Science Department and the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition at CMU.
Leonard H. Tower, Jr.Lentower (talk · contribs
Free software activist.
Lila TretikovLilaTretikov (WMF) (talk · contribs
Former executive director of Wilimedia Foundation.
Boris TsirelsonTsirel (talk · contribs
Theodore Ts'oTytso (talk · contribs
Software developer, contributor to the Linux kernel. Not active.
Patrick TuftsZippy (talk · contribs
Computer scientist and inventor. Created Alexa Internet.
Jonathan TweetJonathan Tweet (talk · contribs
Role-playing game designer.
TygaTygaCashMoney (talk · contribs
American hip hop recording artist. Not active.



Jessica ValentiJessicaValenti (talk · contribs)
Feminist author and activist. Not active.
Misha VerbitskyTiphareth (talk · contribs)
Mathematician and political activist.
Larry Van KriedtJazzbacks (talk · contribs
Jazz musician.
Brenda VenusBrendavenus (talk · contribs) and Bvenus (talk · contribs
American actress, model and author.
Natasha Vita-MoreNatasha Vita-More (talk · contribs
Artist and transhumanist.
Claire VoisinVoisinclaire (talk · contribs
James von Brunn - James von Brunn (talk · contribs
American advertising executive, producer, author and perpetrator of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum shooting. Died in 2010.


Adrianne WadewitzWadewitz (talk · contribs
Feminist scholar. Died in April 2014.
Bernt (talk · contribs
Jimmy WalesJimbo Wales (talk · contribs
Online entrepreneur, founder of Wikimedia Foundation
Brad WardellDraginol (talk · contribs
Founder of Stardock, a leader in the software skinning and customization technology for computer games. Not active.
Allan WarrenAllan warren (talk · contribs
British society photographer.
Tony WarrinerTonywarriner (talk · contribs
Game designer, programmer and co-founder of Revolution Software.
Benjamin Thomas WattBennyaha (talk · contribs
Boxing judge
David WeinbergerDweinberger (talk · contribs
Technologist and commentator.
Maia WeinstockGirona7 (talk · contribs
Science journalist and noted Wikipedian.
Andrew WestBabelStone (talk · contribs
Jessamyn West (librarian)Jessamyn (talk · contribs
Librarian, author and blogger.
David A. WheelerDwheeler (talk · contribs
Developer of high-risk software systems, particularly large software systems and computer security.
Glenn WichmanCapmango (talk · contribs
Edutainment software developer.
Geoffrey WickhamGeoffrey Wickham (talk · contribs
Contributor to artificial pacemaker development and cofounder of Telectronics.
David WildeDavid Wilde (talk · contribs
Concert pianist, writer, composer, and teacher. Not active.
Guy Williams (comedian)Williaguy1 (talk · contribs
New Zealand comedian and TV/radio personality. Not active.
Michael Z. WilliamsonMzmadmike (talk · contribs
Science-fiction writer.
David Willis (cartoonist)ItsWalky (talk · contribs
Webcomic creator. Moderator of Teletraan-1, theTransformers Wikia.
Dean WilkinsonDean Wilkinson (talk · contribs
British writer for television and video games.
Emily WilloughbyFerahgo the Assassin (talk · contribs
American paleoartist.
Richard WingerRichardwinger (talk · contribs
Authority on election laws, ballot access; Libertarian activist.
Michael WitzelWitzel (talk · contribs
Professor of Sanskrit at Harvard.
Brian WoodBrianwood (talk · contribs)
Comic book writer, illustrator and graphic designer.
Douglas WoodDoughwood (talk · contribs), Douglaswood (talk · contribs)
executive producer



Matthew YglesiasMyglesias (talk · contribs
politics and economics journalist
Robert Clark YoungQworty (talk · contribs
American novelist. Banned.
Toby YoungTyoung8 (talk · contribs
British journalist and charity director
Eric YoungstromEyoungstrom (talk · contribs
American psychologist and academic.
Catherine YronwodeCatherineyronwode (talk · contribs
Author, graphic designer, publisher.
Eliezer YudkowskyEliezerYudkowsky (talk · contribs
Artificial intelligence researcher. Not active.


Michał ZalewskiLcamtuf (talk · contribs
"White hat" hacker and computer security expert.
Jamie Zawinski - Jwz (talk · contribs
Computer programmer (XEmacs, Netscape, Mozilla), DNA Lounge proprietor
Doron ZeilbergerDoronZeilberger (talk · contribs)
Dave ZeltsermanDaveZeltserman (talk · contribs)
Natalia ZemnaNataliazemna (talk · contribs)
Ukrainian herbalist.
Phil ZimmermannPrz (talk · contribs
Cryptographer and computer programmer, creator of the Pretty Good Privacy encryption software.
Diana ZuckermanDrzuckerman (talk · contribs
U.S. expert on federal health policy, especially women's health, and President of the National Research Center for Women & Families.


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