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Welcome to WikiProject Interwiki Corrections !

This WikiProject is about correcting Interwiki confilicts


now many articles has interwiki confilicts such as

  1. onesided interwiki (a->b b->none)
    1. interwiki to part of article in other wiki Green tickY
    2. interwiki Article to Disambiguation Red XN
    3. two pages linked to one page Red XN
    4. bot confilicts Red XN
  2. w shap interwiki! (a->b b->c)
    1. articles must merge Red XN
    2. in one wiki articles are redirected Green tickY
  3. Articles that have Wp Url Link but they don't have interwiki to that wiki
    1. fair use links for images that they have copy right Green tickY
    2. bad citation: wikipedia is not Scientific Source Red XN
    3. missed interwiki Red XN
    4. Bot interwiki conflicts Red XN

To do[edit]

some of these poblems and confilicts can solved with bots but the rest should solve by hand (user)

Cases that need users edits
  • The same articles that they should merge
  • Article that doesn't have any Interwiki but it has Wp URL to other wiki and user forgot to add Interwiki (Missed Interwiki)
  • Article that user used incorrect referencing (used Wikipedia as reference)
  • Articles that are linked to Disambiguation pages
  • Two pages linked to one page
Cases that need Bots edits
  • finding onesided Interwikis and running bot on list to add Interwiki as possible
  • Updating lists that shows problems

Some lists[edit]

In this wiki we collect some charts by bot

  1. onesided interwikis (in process)
  2. W shaped interwikis (in process)
  3. Article with URl link without interwiki


Anyone who wants to edit articles to solve interwiki problems.To join the project, please add your name to the alphabetic list of participants below using [[User:username|username]]. If you do not yet have a Wikipedia account you can sign up here


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