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Wikiversity is a project that supports learning communities, their learning materials, and resulting activities.

Linking from Wikipedia[edit]

Wikiversity articles can be linked from WP articles as described at Help:Interwikimedia links, namely by using a normal wikilink but prepended with "wikiversity:", as in [[wikiversity:Astronomy Project|Astronomy Project]] which produces Astronomy Project.

Wikiversity templates[edit]

Several sister project templates exist for Wikiversity.

Wikipedia template Wikiversity target Purpose
{{Wikiversity}} Main texts Creates a link to a text on Wikiversity. Generally useful for all Wikipedia articles.
{{Wikiversity|cat=y}} Categories Creates a link to a category on Wikiversity, which work in the same as Wikipedia categories. Useful for Wikipedia categories and Wikipedia articles about general subjects for which no Wikiversity portal currently exists.

Using a Wikiversity page as reference in Wikipedia[edit]

As content of a wiki that anyone can edit, a Wikiversity page is generally not identified as a reliable source in Wikipedia. Therefore, usage of Wikiversity as a reference in Wikipedia is generally not advisable.

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