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Wikipedia currently hosts over 200 biographies of classicists, and when the Women's Classical Committee looked in January 2017 only approximately 10% were of women. This project is our initiative to take steps towards redressing this gender imbalance, by training and encouraging classicists - whether archaeologists, epigraphers, historians, linguists, numismatists, philologists or anyone else working within this varied discipline - to edit Wikipedia with this focus.

We hold editing sessions online each month and welcome new members to our friendly group. See our events and workshops page for more info.

Showcase articles

Expanded, May-July 2017 Good article

Archives & Special Collections, Vassar College Library. Ph.f7.28 Macurdy at Desk.tif

Grace Harriet Macurdy (12 September 1866 – 23 October 1946) was a pioneering American classicist. She taught at Vassar College for 44 years, and worked mainly on royal women during the Hellenistic period. Macurdy is recognised for being one of the few early women classicists who, rather than attempting to follow the paths laid out by male scholars and suppress her own gender, established her own approach to academic work.

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The list below shows the outcomes for the project for 2020. For work in past years see the project archives for 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020.

New and upgraded articles

Add newest articles to top of list please

Wikimedia UK banner for 2021 Women's History Month, featuring Victoria Leonard talking about #WCCWiki

Articles created or improved (December 2021)

  1. Eva Johnston

Articles created or improved (November 2021)

  1. Lysistrata - added ref = comparison with Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp
  2. Ola El Aguizy
  3. Jacquetta Hawkes - promoted to Good Article
  4. If Not, Winter
  5. Lutgarde Vandeput
  6. Beth Severy-Hoven
  7. Evi Touloupa
  8. Elizabeth A. Clark

Articles created or improved (October 2021)

  1. Nandini Pandey
  2. Freda Nkirote
  3. Sadiah Qureshi
  4. Nanno Marinatos
  5. Anna Apostolaki featured in DYK
  6. Catherine Downes - featured on DYK
  7. Julia Hillner
  8. Katherine Harloe
  9. Shelley Haley
  10. Zena Kamash
  11. 2 x redlists for African women egyptologists and archaeologists (I also searched for classicists and epigraphers, but no one came up) - also listed on WIR list pages
  12. Anna Cooper
  13. Wolfardine von Minutoli

Articles created or improved (September 2021)

  1. Catherine Downes - Nominated for DYK
  2. Great Dover Street woman - DYK on 22nd September 2021
  3. Susan M. Hopkins
  4. Maria da Piedade de Jesus
  5. Anna Apostolaki - became a Good Article, nominated for Did You Know
  6. Shelley Haley

Articles created or improved (August 2021)

  1. Josephine Platner Shear
  2. Abigail Brundin
  3. Kalliope (queen)
  4. Gerlinde Huber-Rebenich
  5. Borka Dragojević-Josifovska
  6. Dora Jane Hamblin
  7. Käthe Bosse-Griffiths
  8. Olakunbi Olasope
  9. Anna Apostolaki

Articles created or improved (July 2021)

  1. Otelia Cromwell
  2. Eva Fiesel
  3. Olivette Otele
  4. Julia Caldwell Frazier
  5. Edi Shukriu - add image
  6. Women in archaeology added more images, but they are all of white women bar one - v problematic.
  7. Lacey Wallace
  8. Janet DeLaine

Articles created or improved (June 2021)

  1. Callon of Epidaurus
  2. Flora Bridges
  3. Pompeia Helena
  4. Barbara Birley
  5. Eleri Cousins
  6. Margaret Hubbard
  7. Stephanie West
  8. Elizabeth French
  9. Lellia Cracco Ruggini

Articles created or improved (May 2021)

  1. Stefanie Martin-Kilcher
  2. Elena Abramovna Davidovich
  3. Hilda Lorimer
  4. Annie Rogers
  5. Miranda Aldhouse-Green
  6. Diana Nemorensis

Articles created or improved (April 2021)

  1. Sara Perry (archaeologist)
  2. Naomi Payne
  3. Rose Ferraby - add recent detail and reorganise
  4. Wilhelmina Jashemski - add image
  5. Mary Rambaran-Olm (no tweets please)
  6. Anna Apostolaki
  7. Emily Penrose

Articles created or improved (March 2021)

  1. Donna Zuckerberg
  2. Leïla Ladjimi-Sebaï
  3. Vitellia (daughter of emperor Vitellius)
  4. Quita Mould
  5. Judith Perkins
  6. Barbara Goff
  7. Felice Stampfle
  8. Sheila Ager
  9. Jinyu Liu
  10. Ellen Muehlberger
  11. Fayza Haikal
  12. Beatriz Galindo
  13. Luce Pietri
  14. Seeta Chaganti
  15. Isobel Henderson

Articles created or improved (February 2021)

  1. Diophantus of Abae
  2. Ruth Shaffrey
  3. Acme (enslaved woman)
  4. Mary Belle McElwain
  5. Naoíse Mac Sweeney
  6. Kathleen Freeman (classicist)
  7. Elizabeth Blegen
  8. Mary Renault
  9. Ida Hill

Articles created or improved (January 2021)

  1. Mervat Seif el-Din
  2. Maureen Carroll
  3. Jinyu Liu
  4. Caroline T. Schroeder
  5. Margaret Mullett
  6. Alice Zimmern
  7. Emily Penrose
  8. Eleni Tositsa
  9. Honor Frost

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