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Here are some words in an intro to an article, that tend to unbalance the intro to the point that it becomes non-NPOV. You can use these in the conditions listed, but please, try to avoid using more than two of them in any given intro:

  • "Self-proclaimed": As long as only the subject of the article (or the subject of this modifier) is proclaiming that s/he/it is whatever, you're good; if not, well, you're misusing "Self-proclaimed".
  • "Fraudulent": In articles about financial and legal matters, if you can provide cites, kosher; anywhere else, and especially without cites, you're well into the "not good" zone.
  • "Dishonest": No. Just, no.
  • "Supernatural": As applied to the article's subject, not kosher.
  • "Controversial": In the body of the paragraph, it is OK, not in the header.

(Feel free to edit this; it is a preliminary draft, and hopes to become much better.)

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