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A Wikipedia workshop is a public outreach event in which the participants are introduced to the basics of Wikipedia and how to edit it. Wikipedia workshops may vary in length from hours to days, and they may be organized with or without the assistance of the Wikimedia Foundation and its various outreach projects or the local Wikimedia chapter. (See a number of photos from various Wikipedia workshops worldwide at Wikimedia Commons.)

2012 Wikipedia workshop at GNUnify gathering in Pune, India

Wikipedia Academies are larger events held for one or two days which often are sponsored by an authoritative organization and include a large number of participants. (See a list of such Wikipedia Academies here.)

Wikipedia editors are encouraged to create workshops to help acquaintances or members of various groups learn about editing, formatting, policy and collaborating with others. This project page currently provides aid to both new workshop leaders and to workshop participants or any new Wikipedia editor looking for online resources. subpages include:

  • A sample one-day workshop with generic sample outline with links to resources.
  • Sample exercises with several sample exercises to be copied to sandboxes and worked on during the workshop.
  • Wikipedia talk:Workshop which includes general program discussion and feedback.
  • Wikipedia talk:Workshop archives of past discussions, as well as reports on past workshops, including the workshop agenda, if organizers would like to share it.
  • Wikipedia:Workshop for Women is helping close the Gender Gap by suggesting workshop content and providing a list of related workshops, as well as a list of interested workshop leaders.

Below is a list of other Wikipedia training and outreach resources which may be helpful to your efforts to organize workshops and serve as another resource for your participants after the workshop.

2008 Wikipedia workshop at Pedagogical Kotsyubinskyj University in Vinnytsia, Ukraine
2011 Wikipedia workshop in Ioannina, Greece

Training and help resources[edit]

Wikipedia has some excellent training and help resources which workshop participants can refer to and continue to learn from after the workshop.

Outreach projects[edit]

The Wikimedia Foundation has organized some large outreach projects and various Wikipedia projects are related to outreach. Many of them have Wikipedia training pages and events.