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Open Science Workshop (Geneva, 19th of September, 2013)
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An Open Science Workshop will take place in Geneva on the 19th of september 2013, from 10 am to 17 pm (CEST). It aims to map open science references and initiatives on the wiki of the P2P Foundation and to enhance Wikipedia coverage on the topic.


The workshop would be hosted at the Computer Science Centre at the University of Geneva. It is to be part of an Open and Citizen Science HackDay within the Open Knowledge Conference. It has been coordinated by the P2P Foundation, HackYourPhD and several wikipedians.

The workshop is based on a formula developed by the P2P Foundation : the Wikisprint. As its name suggests, the wikisprint targets to get a maximum of contributions within a short time frame (a day for instance) on one or several wikis.

The workshop federates the following wikis (you can easily go from one another through the header above) :

  • The wiki of the P2P Foundation. It would map all the useful references and good practices on open access (including references that would prove too informal on an encyclopedia).
  • The English Wikipedia with its Reference page
  • The French Wikipedia.
  • (…)
  • Any platform that could be appropriate.

Besides Wikipedia you can find some coordination on the dedicated pad.

How can I help?[edit]

People involved or curious about open science all around the world can participate. That's probably include you. You can assist the workshop, in any of these following tasks:

  • Add a project to the wiki of the P2P Foundation, through the submission form.
  • Indicate a reference or a research work on the references page of Wikipedia. You can also make your suggestions on Twitter through the hashtag #OpenScienceWiki.
  • Discussing the overall structure of articles to enhance or to create, on the talk page of the article or on the coordination talk page of the workshop.
  • Writing the articles and synthetizing the collected information.
  • Reviewing the work done by others in order to correct spelling or factual mistakes.

How can I edit Wikipedia?[edit]

If you're a newcomer don't panick :) Wikipedia has just been enhanced with a Visual Editor, that makes editing fairly easy. All you have to do is click on the Edit(beta) button on the nav bar above (between Edit Source and View history).

The Visual Editor is rather intuitive and you're likely to discover most functions by yourself. If not, you can consult the user guide. The chapters on adding a reference might be especially useful, as every statement in Wikipedia should be supported by a reliable source).

What are the articles concerned?[edit]

The articles mentioned below are merely suggestions.

Articles to enhance[edit]

Core articles on open science concepts and practices
Social transformations and movements toward open science

Articles to create[edit]

While an article is expanded, it may be useful to add an under construction template :

{{under construction |placedby= |section= |nocat= |notready= |comment= |category= |altimage= }}

Intended Audience[edit]

At least ten participants of the open science hackday, plus an undetermined number of external participants.

Date and Venue[edit]

Note: Attendance is free
Venue: Computer Science Center, University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland
Date: 19th September 2013 (Thursday)
Time: 10:00 - 17:00