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Workshop for Women in Wikipedia has been created for volunteers interested in working on Wikipedia:Workshops that encourage more women to become Wikipedia editors. This is a project on English Wikipedia which is part of the larger Wikimedia Gender Gap project. It suggests workshop content and provides a list of related workshops, as well as a list of Wikipedia editors who have conducted and/or will conduct workshops for women interested in editing Wikipedia. These individuals also can be resources for helping you prepare you own workshop.

Workshop content[edit]

"Wikichix" meeting at Wikimania Cairo, 2008

Wikipedia:Workshop provides sample workshops and links to other workshop resources to help you create general content about the many aspects of editing wikipedia. Below is an outline of issues to explore and content to emphasize that is especially related to women's concerns.

Past and future workshops[edit]

Wikipedia workshop at Cummins College for Women, Pune, India, February 2012

Editors interested in teaching workshops[edit]

Resources for women editors[edit]

Wikipedia workshop for gender equality in Kolkata, India March 2011

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