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The article mentioned here is in defense of any IP's or disgruntled users who feel a bit Wikibonked and feels "Hey, I feel like taking a cheap shot at the Wikipedia Creator". This essay is a mention as to why that should not happen and the consequences of any vandalism or the like against Mr. Wales.

Are you sure you want to do that?[edit]

Do you really want to take on the Boss of the world's biggest online free encyclopedia? Will it gain you any cred from the other vandals or policy breakers? Not to mention you'd be taking on the most watched user page on Wikipedia and anything you do could be reverted in a heartbeat and you'd now have the Wikipolice breathing down your neck so you'd really have to ask only one question; "Do you feel lucky? Well do ya punk?"

Calm down[edit]

There is a quote and analogy that you should ask before you even think of attacking Jimmy's page (which would possibly be repeated by any admin who covers this (or a Wikipolice Sergeant who has you bang to rights)). "Forgive my mentioning it, but a perfect Wikipedia editor isn't really supposed to attack his own boss". The analogy is if you were a part-time employee at an accountancy firm and a co-worker or superior rubbishes something you may or may not have worked on hard. So you're very upset and you choose to scribble on your boss's office door in retaliation. Now because that door is looked at often it will be noticed and removed and CCTV shows that you did it. The company vice-president then goes to you and depending on his mood and your track record you may either get a warning or you get fired if you've done it before. Now of course graffiting your boss's door in real life is unacceptable so why should the Internet be any different?