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Year of Science
Year of Science

The Wikipedia Year of Science is an unprecedented initiative to improve scientific literacy through Wikipedia. This portal is a meeting place for existing community projects, and a launch pad for new ones. We’re working together to improve articles related to STEM, social science, and biographies of scientists.

Institutional support for the Year of Science is provided by the Wiki Education Foundation.


The Wiki Education Foundation has launched the Wiki Playlist, a new way for readers to select their favorite Wikipedia articles and share them through social media. There are already playlists from physicist Lawrence Krauss, Doc James, and theoretical cosmologist Janna Levin. Feel free to make and share your own #yearofscience playlist!


Find out about events related to the Year of Science. Want to attend an event? See what’s happening near you, or online. Hosting an event? Add it here.






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Women in science

We need your help to create or improve coverage of women scientists on Wikipedia!

WikiProject Women in Red, WikiProject Women Scientists, and the Wiki Education Foundation are teaming up to run virtual edit-a-thons to improve articles about women scientists in different fields, emphasizing one area of science each month from February through December 2016.

In October, the theme is Computer science, technology, and math.

Each month's theme has its own page which you can use to collaborate, share successes, identify an article to write, find subject-specific resources, or any other activity that improves or celebrates articles about women in science. Feel free to use any of the pages throughout the year -- the themes are intended to highlight, not constrain.

February - Zoology
March - Chemistry
April - Environmental science
May - Psychology
June - Astronomy
July - Plant biology
August - Sociology
September - Medicine
October - Computer science, technology, and math
November - Linguistics
December - Physics
Get involved

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