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Yet Another MySpace Band. Acronym descriptive of the frequent misuse of Wikipedia as a repository of information about someone's garage band that's going to hit it big one day, really honest, my cousin knows a guy.

Such articles tend to have the following characteristics:

  • No albums released, or only a self-produced CD they gave to their friends;
  • Not signed to any label;
  • Written by the band, which is generally
  • Made up entirely of teenagers.

Most such articles are caught during New Page Patrol, and nominated for speedy deletion via A7 (lack of notability), or G11 (blatant advertising). Those which are not speedily deleted tend to end up at AFD, due to failing the notability tests for bands and other musical groups.

In userspace[edit]

Such articles often turn up or end up in userspace "while editors look for reliable independent sourcing". Frequently they are then left there indefinitely. However, they are often only written for promotional purposes, and are deleteable at WP:MFD, or as per WP:CSD#G11, {{db-promo}}, if blatant.

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