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What defines an editor as a Wikipedian? Is it the love and devotion towards their articles? Is it their unrelenting abilities spend countless hours on end, frequently breaking the promise that they made themselves that they would go to bed after "one more edit"? Here at Wikipedia, we consider all of our editors "Wikipedians". However, there's a distinct difference between a Wikipedian and a veteran. Certain things must happen to a Wikipedian before he or she will feel totally comfortable with the Wikipedia "inner family".

The purpose of this page is to provide a sort of benchmark to those who wonder if they have truly experienced Wikipedia as a community member. This is by no means a way to devalue those who do not actively participate in our community.



  • Being nominated to the position of administrator
    • Being successfully elected towards said position
      • ...twice
      • spite of being opposed by at least three trolls
    • Being nominated, failing, being nominated again, succeeding, being de-adminned, being nominated for a third time and failing again, then becoming a developer instead, then being nominated again.
  • Nominating another Wikipedian for administrator


  • Joining the Wikipedia IRC channel (at #wikipedia)
    • Participating actively in the IRC channel
    • Being recognized in the IRC channel as a regular user
      • ...and having a significant absence noticed
    • Changing the topic
    • Being quoted at M:bash
      • On multiple occasions
    • Creating and stating at least one original "In Soviet Russia" joke
      • Ex: In soviet Russia jokes make you.
    • Using [[links]] in IRC channels unrelated to Wikipedia
    • Having op privileges on #wikipedia
        • First thing user does is kicking self at least once when given op privileges
      • ...and/or on #en.wikipedia

Relations with other Wikipedians[edit]

  • Being awarded and award a barnstar for any deed
    • Being awarded and award multiple barnstars or WikiAwards
  • Creating a Barnstar
  • Being involved in at least one conflict
    • And being able to make it up with said user afterwards.
  • You are dating, engaged to (better), or married to (best) another Wikipedian
    • And you met through Wikipedia


  • Looking for the edit or history button when surfing non-wiki web


  • Knowing what a cabal is
    • And knowing that there is no cabal
  • Having your userpage vandalized
    • ...on more than one occasion
  • Being accused of being a sock puppet
    • Actually being a sock puppet
  • Breaking 1000 edits and not caring about how many edits you made shortly afterwards, or realizing this at about 5000th+ edit
  • Suggesting to a group of real-life friends that the group should try to reach "rough consensus". Preferably without voting.
  • You tend to insert [[]]s in non Wikipedia typing
    • ...and '''s to bold or ''s to italicize outside of a wiki.
  • You start obsessively hoarding print media as sources for articles you're interested in
    • ...and for articles you're not

An ideal Wikipedian[edit]

An Ideal Wikipedian would be someone who:

  • Much time on their hands
  • Willing to provide a beacon of knowledge
  • Stand for no nonsense

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