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The following is a list of sources compiled by Melissa Zimdars, assistant professor of communication at Merrimack College. This list was titled False, Misleading, Clickbait-y, and/or Satirical "News" Sources.[1]

The list has come to the attention of Wikipedians after it was widely circulated in the Internet during the surge of the discussions of fake news. Zimdars herself noted that this list was merely a guideline for her students and never intended to be comprehensive, authoritative, or widely published, see the talk page for details.

Wikipedia itself has articles List of fake news websites and List of satirical news websites.


Category 1: Fake, false, regularly misleading sites which rely on outrage using distorted headlines and decontextualized or dubious information in order to generate likes, shares, and profits.

Category 2: Websites that may circulate misleading and/or potentially unreliable information.

Category 3: Websites that sometimes use clickbait-y headlines and social media descriptions.

Category 4: Purposefully fake satire/comedy sites that can offer critical commentary on politics and society, but have the potential to be shared as actual/literal news.

Name URL 1 2 3 4 Link search
100 Percent Fed Up ☑Y ☑Y Search
21st Century Wire ☑Y ☑Y Search
70news ☑Y Search
ABC News (impostor) ☑Y Search
Activist Post ☑Y ☑Y Search
American News ☑Y Search
Associated Media Coverage ☑Y Search
Baltimore Gazette ☑Y Search
Before It's News Search
Big American News Search
Big P Zone Search
Big P Zone Search
Bipartisan Report ☑Y Search
BizPac Review Search
Blue Nation Review ☑Y ☑Y Search
Borowitz Report ☑Y Search
Call The Cops ☑Y Search
Cap News ☑Y Search
Christ Wire ☑Y Search Search
Civic Tribune ☑Y Search
ClickHole ☑Y Search
Coast To Coast AM ☑Y Search
Collective Evolution ☑Y Search
Conscious Life News ☑Y Search
Conservative Outfitters ☑Y Search
ConspiracyWire ☑Y Search
Countdown To Zero Time ☑Y Search
CounterPsyOps Search
Cream BMP ☑Y Search
Daily Buzz Live Search
Daily Currant Search
D.C. Clothesline Search
D.C. Gazette ☑Y Search
Derf Magazine Search Search
Drudge Report (impostor) ☑Y Search
Duffle Blog ☑Y Search
Duh Progressive Search
Embols Search
Empire Herald Search
Empire News ☑Y Search
Empire News Search
Ending The Fed Search
Enduring Vision ☑Y Search
FPRN Radio Search
Geo Engineering Watch Search
Govt Slaves Search
Gulag Bound Search
Hang The Bankers Search
Humans Are Free Search
Huzlers ☑Y Search
If You Only News Search
Indecision Forever ☑Y Search
IntelliHub Search
Jones Report Search
Lew Rockwell Search
Liberal America Search
Liberty Talk Search
Liberty Unyielding libertyunyielding Search
Liberty Videos Search
LMR / Liberty Movement Radio Search
Media Mass ☑Y Search
Megyn Kelly ☑Y Search
MS NBC (impostor) ☑Y Search
MS NBC (impostor) ☑Y Search
Naha Daily ☑Y Search
National Report ☑Y Search
Natural News ☑Y Search
NC Scooper Search
New Century Times Search
News Examiner Search
News Hound ☑Y Search
NewsBiscuit ☑Y Search
Newslo ☑Y ☑Y Search
News Mutiny ☑Y ☑Y Search
Newswatch 28 Search
Newswatch 33 Search
NewsWire 24 Search
No Dis Info Search
Now8News Search
Now The End Begins Search
Pak Alert Press Search
Political Blind Spot Search
Political Ears Search
Politicalo ☑Y Search
Prison Planet Search
Prison Planet Search
Private Eye ☑Y Search
Project Veritas ☑Y Search
React 365 Search
Real Farmacy Search
Real News Right Now ☑Y ☑Y Search
Red Flag News Search
Reductress ☑Y Search
Rile News ☑Y ☑Y Search
Satira Tribune Search
Sprot Spickle ☑Y Search
The Boston Tribune ☑Y Search
The Onion ☑Y Search
The Reporterz Search
The Stately Harold Search
The Daily Sheeple Search
The News Nerd Search
The Run Down Live Search
The Us Patriot Search
Truth Frequency Radio Search
Unconfirmed Sources Search
USA Supreme Search
Veterans Today Search
Waking Up Wisconsin Search
Winning Democrats Search
Wit Science Search
WorldNetDaily Search
World News Daily Report ☑Y Search
World Truth Search
Zero Hedge Search