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temporarilly blanked

Why should anyone accussed of hatespeech, libel, harassment, racism, etc., multiple times, and responding to it calmly multiple times, owe anyone an apology for doing so? User:MyRedDice has been exemplary in his calm responses to provocation, for instance. This is just not moral equivalence and the mutual "forgive and forget" solution outlined here is just unrealistic if you don't want others to exploit Wiki-process in future to push an agenda. user:142.177.etc

Ultimately, it is the prerogative of those who have suffered harm to demand satisfaction from an aggressor, or, alternatively, to stand down from a confrontation and move on. On this note, my experience has been that the best course of action for me to follow is to document my complaints and concerns, skip the apologies, and get back to work. Should the underlying problems resurface, as they sometimes do, I would follow the same course of action again. As a pragmatic matter, the behavior of agressors will mellow over time, or, alternatively, they will find themselves shunned and ostracized. -- NetEsq 01:37, 30 Aug 2003 (UTC)