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Irish and Scots Gaelic[edit]

I see Irish, but what about Scots Gaelic? --Dweir

  • If you feel the need to start such a page the ISO 639-1 code for Scots Gaelic is gd Eclecticology

Shouldn't this be using the 3-letter codes rather than 2-letter codes for the languages?

  • A look at the list will show that at this stage of things very few of the existing languages with two letter codes have Wikipedias started. The three letter codes are helpful when you have a large number of languages, and necessary if that number goes over 676. At the risk of seeming like a big language chauvinist, the languages which would require the use of three letter codes tend to have a very small number of literate native speakers. The critical mass of population needed to make a Wikipedia functional in those languages just isn't there. If the moving forces behind this project are pleasantly pleased enough to find a situation where the use of the three letter codes would be unavoidable, I'm confident that they would make the necessary accomodations. Eclecticology


02/06/2002 In the list Complete list of non-English Wikipedias available is the entry Belorussian language - Belorussian language wiki: be . So the Language Code is be
But if you look at the list of codes you see be is the code of the Breton language. Belorussian is not on this list. So what now ? User:giskart

The correct 2-letter code for Breton is br, the above list is wrong. If you want a Breton wikipedia, ask Jimbo to set one up. Brion VIBBER
Thanks. I have lookt again at the list and now i see the is not compleet wrong. Under the list "ISO 639: 3-letter codes" there is second list "ISO 639: 2-letter codes". On that list BR is for Breton. But for BE the speak about "Byelorussian" and not "Belorussian". I have lookt it up in the Britancia [1] and the are the same. According that articel also "White Russian" is a English name for the same language. I have never heard about "Belorussian" but i have about "White Russian". I think that name is more logical. Now i am not thinking about starting a wikipedia in that language. It is just somthing i find strange. User:giskart
Belorussian, Belorusian, Byelorussian, Bielorussian, White Russian etc are all the same thing, from varying transcriptions of the name of Belorus (literally "White Russia") in Belorusian or Russian. See Belorusian language. Brion VIBBER

Shouldn't wikipedias that have not been started be moved to the new software?[edit]

Shouldn't wikipedias that have not been started be moved to the new software? I mean, there is nothing to change so it seems to me, right now would be the best time to do something like that since there is no content and It'd be easier to start them in the new software rather than in the old and then convert them.... Lightning 22:58 Oct 13, 2002 (UTC)

Yes, but volunteer labor is scarce and setting up a few dozen wikis that aren't being used and will have to be converted again the next time we make a major software change isn't my idea of fun at the moment either. Any language that you want to use, mention it and I'll move it over. Anything else will wait until it's gotten around to. --Brion 23:03 Oct 13, 2002 (UTC)

Updated ISO-639 list[edit]

There is updated list for iso-639 at Library of Congress --Goran Dec 5, 2002=

Starting a wikipedia in Pennsylvania Dutch/German[edit]

If I wish to start a page a wikipedia in Pennsylvania German is it impossible because that language is not listed?dutch

Pennsylvania Dutch doesn't have its own unique language code (it falls under the generic 3-letter code 'gem' for Germanic languages), but if you really want one, I could set up a wiki under the full code, say "". (eek!) Or maybe something shorter. :) --Brion 19:50 Feb 2, 2003 (UTC)
If you could set it up it would be appreciated, I don't know how dificult it would be though. It's not only spoken in US but in Canada also so I don't know about the -US- part :)
You could petition the ISO committee for a new language code[1]. I can't see why Pennsylvania Dutch wouldn't be allocated one if Scots can get one. Marnanel 03:54, Apr 5, 2004 (UTC)

Starting a wikipedia in Low Saxon[edit]

I would like to create a wikipedia in Low Saxon, which is spoken by more than 1 million people but is not listed with a code in iso-639. Would it be possible to set up a Low Saxon version?

A Low Saxon Wikipedia has been created using temporarily (since that domain is not in use and za is not part of ISO 639. It should be transferred to or (pd is unused in ISO 639 two letter code).
The ISO 639 three letter code for Low Saxon (Nedersassisch) is nds since 2000-05-31. See
Why does Volapuk have a code and can have its own version when there are like 30 people who speak it and things like Low Saxon and Pennsylvania German don't have codes and can't have a Wikipedia? Doesn't make sense to me. Of course it's not Wikipedia's fault it doensn't have an ISO code.
The projects' goal is roughly the creation of an authoritative general compedium of the sum human knowledge in all languages, Nobel Goal. Nothing stops you from choosing the lingustically correct title. I think in my retirement I might create syllabaries of languages that don't yet have a written form. But nothing changes the convention established about the naming of entries based on search engine results expected by average users. I think that linguistic project to examine the teaching possibilities of Esperanto would have untold side effects for this GNU DocL project. Please leave me a message 132, I am Heartfelt when I say that I always wanted an esperanto freind. User:Two16
What about ""? PD for "Plattdüütsch", like they call their language?

There is a volapuk wikipedia and still NO Low Saxon wikipedia? Low Saxon is spoken by 10 millions of people!

The Low Saxon Wikipedia is now availiable at . But since the wikipedia language linking system does not work for three letters codes until now, it would be good for proper linking to move the present low saxon content of to (which is not in use and - since there is no other language with this code - won't be in future). Perhaps a redirect construction could solve the problem, too. 14:27 9 Jun 2003 (UTC)

Starting a wikipedia in Aragonese, and Asturian[edit]

Is it possible to start an Aragonese wikipedia? ISO codes -> ARG - AN Is it possible to start an Asturian wikipedia? ISO code -> AST

Put only the subdomains, please. They'll be used.

Starting a wikipedia in Traditional Chinese[edit]

Hello, People and I who Live In Taiwan want to set up an Wikipedia Writing in Traditional Chinese, which is not like Simple Chinese in

Just like the localization project in Mozilla and OpenOffice. In those projects, we can use our own zh-tw/Big5 Encoding environment in those softwares. And these project are known follow the RFC 1766 standard, which is combined from ISO 639 language code and ISO 3166 country code.

So please let us maintain our "Chinese/Taiwan" edition of Wikipedia, too. We want an! --BoogieMan

Starting a wikipedia in Mapuche[edit]

Is it possible to start a mapuche wikipedia?

And what about an Aragonese wikipedia and an Asturian wikipedia?

Note to editors[edit]

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