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Tendentious editing wording proposal[edit]

The start of the section on disruptive editing reads as follows: "A disruptive editor is an editor who exhibits tendencies such as the following: 1.Is tendentious: continues editing an article or group of articles in pursuit of a certain point for an extended time despite opposition from other editors." I think that the last four words should be phrased differently. I don't think that an editor who continues editing in pursuit of a certain point "despite opposition from other editors" is always a case of problem editing. Sure, if an editor continues to want to insert a sentence about a hoax, a fringe theory, or a highly contentious view on a sensitive racial or gender issue into an article, despite opposition from other editors, this is a problem.

But what about a situation where an editor is proposing the addition of a well-sourced, neutrally-phrased, pertinent and not unduly-weighted sentence, but several editors repeatedly disagree without providing a policy rationale? (e.g., the edit summaries are all "Return to stable version","Revert new addition", "Never heard of that author", "Never heard of that journal", "zero Google hits on author" or "I don't like it"). Given the systematic bias in Wikipedia (see also Gender bias in Wikipedia and Racial bias in Wikipedia), it can be argued that an editor attempting to introduce published viewpoints from reputable, non-Western scholars who publish outside of the northern hemisphere may find it hard to get these viewpoints into articles, even though WP:NPOV may support a not unduly-weighted statement of these scholars' viewpoints in the pertinent articles. What if an editor is trying to add a single well-sourced, neutrally-phrased sentence about a major African sci-fi writer and her most notable books to the article on Science fiction, but several Wikipedia editors, who (according to demographic findings) probably come from the Anglosphere, revert the sentence because they've never heard of her ("Not an important SF writer") or because Western textbooks do not mention her ("She's not mentioned in any of the major SF textbooks").

The current sentence's language about "despite opposition from other editors" makes perfect sense when the editing behaviour in question is a user repeatedly attempting to add unsourced, hoax, fringe, or OR theories to an article, which other editors could oppose on a number of objective WP policy grounds. The current sentence's language does not take account of situations where an editor may be proposing a good, pertinent addition to the article which is opposed without a solid rationale by several editors. Doesn't the TE issue really arise when an editor continues editing in pursuit of a point contrary to the consensus of other editors, or continues editing in pursuit of a point contrary to Wikipedia policies? More broadly, Wikipedia may need some sort of "within-an-article" WP:Notability guideline, to determine which objective checkboxes need to be ticked off to indicate whether subtopic X (e.g., a band, book, or film) should merit a mention in article Y. OnBeyondZebraxTALK 03:30, 24 September 2015 (UTC)

Disruptive Editing by User User:DrFleischman[edit]

Hello This editor has reverted/changed this article over 30 different times. He also has been bullying other editors acting as if he is the owner of wikipedia. In a particular instance where he told user Markos200 that he has 24 hours and he will change the article back to his satisfaction. See this article talk page of bullying towards another editor. Another edit war between him and user (talk), see the previous edit war before User:DrFleischman deleted it from his talk page. See this.

It appears when someone makes an edit to an article and User:DrFleischman does not like the edit, he will check your IP or User Editing history to try to find issues on articles you have either created or edited and tag your article and cite that it is not Neutral and needs citations and or he would request that it be deleted. He has moved to get numerous articles deleted. One recently whereas he cited that an institution called Atlantic International University does not have any Notability in Wikipedia, see this article's deletion page. The AFD clearly states

  • Schools are frequently nominated for deletion. The current notability guideline for schools and other education institutions is Wikipedia:Notability (organizations and companies) (WP:ORG). This section is not a notability guideline, WP:GNG and WP:ORG are.
    • Most elementary (primary) and middle schools that don't source a clear claim to notability usually get merged or redirected in AfD. Schools that don't meet the standard typically get merged or redirected to the school district authority that operates them (generally North America) or the lowest level locality (elsewhere or where there is no governing body) rather than being completely removed from the encyclopedia. 'Redirect' as an alternative to deletion is anchored in policy.
    • Most independently accredited degree-awarding institutions and high schools are usually kept except when zero independent sources can be found to prove that the institution actually exists.
    • Schools that are being planned or built, except high schools reliably sourced to be opened within 12 months, are usually deleted.

There were sources provide that proved the institution exist.

Please review all User:DrFleischman's editing history as it seems that he has a lot of Bias opinions and a little over the top as to enforcing Wikipedia's procedures. He seems to be acting as a representative or some what an owner of Wikipedia. This article was created 7 years ago and as you can see, User:DrFleischman has chopped the article down to his personal liking. He will revert any meaningful edit with sources that someone makes on this article. This editor needs to understand that Wikipedia is an encyclopedia that provides extensive information as to organizations, so chopping the article down to predominately nothing seems to be a self-serving. 2605:E000:6009:9700:3448:B254:BF69:A47E (talk) 01:12, 2 November 2015 (UTC)

Try WP:ANI instead. GABHello! 01:13, 2 November 2015 (UTC)

Thank you2605:E000:6009:9700:3448:B254:BF69:A47E (talk) 01:17, 2 November 2015 (UTC)

what do you said?[edit]

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